Chucky's unprecedented scene shows that series will honor the legacy of the killer puppet

Syfy released a brand new scene from Chucky, the new franchise-inspired series Killer Dummy

    . And the video shows well the atmosphere that the show should adopt, bringing back the idea of ​​the puppet possessed by an evil spirit whose actions begin to impact and threaten the people around him – especially the protagonist, the young Jake Wheeler (Zackary Arthur), who will be the main victim of the toy.

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      So much so that the released excerpt shows Chucky following the child up and down low—even in the classroom, strange as that is—and starting to let its violence out. In the scene, Jake has an anxiety crisis when he has to dissect a frog and, when he least notices, the amphibian appears all mutilated in front of him, implying that Chucky himself was responsible for the act.

      Although the video doesn’t show much, it gives a sense of the mood that the series should follow in terms of the relationship between the puppet and its owner. So far, the show’s trailers work a lot on the idea that Chucky influences its owner in some way, causing his violence to spill over as well.

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      Thus, the boy with socialization problems must become more and more violent until he commits some heinous crime. And the charm of the story must lie in the ambiguity: after all, was the doll possessed or none of this exists and the child is personifying his own violence in the toy?

      Of course, taking the history of the franchise, we know that Chucky should really go to the supernatural side and resume the idea that the doll harbors the spirit of the serial killer Charles Lee Ray , just like in the original movies. By the way, the promise of the show is to go deeper into the origin of the criminal, which will help us to understand not only how he ended up inside a toy, but why his murderous instinct remains even after his death.

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      • According to what has been released so far, the new series will focus on Jake, this teenager who has just lost his mother and is bullied at school because I like to collect dolls and style them. But his life intersects with Chucky’s the day he finds the toy at a yard sale and takes it home.

        The good news for fans is that the series is being run and scripted by Don Mancini, who worked on scripts of all the films in the franchise. In addition, actor Brad Dourif returns to voice the puppet and we will even have the return of Alex Vincent in the role of Andy, who was none other than the child who took care of Chucky in the movie .

        The killer puppet returns to TV in the United States the next day of October.

        Source: BD Horror Trailers and Clips

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