CT News on Podcast – New incoming smartphones from Redmi and more!

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Duration: 08: | 28 September 28

28 2021

Welcome to our daily “newspaper” with the summary of top technology news. With Canaltech News, in just over 5 minutes, you can find out about the main products launched in the market, the movement of the main companies in the segment, news from social networks, curiosities, geek culture, and much more.

In this issue, we talk about:

Sharp introduces the world’s lightest 5G Android phone

  • Skype is not dead and prepares Zoom style renovation to follow relevant
  • Redmi 9A Sport and Redmi 9i Sport are announced with a focus on the entry market
  • Correios offers same day deliveries with SEDEX Hoje
  • Smallest flying device in the world has sand grain size and does not require motor

    In CT News de today: new input devices from Redmi, 5G device from Sharp, the return of Skype and more.

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    This episode was scripted, edited and presented by Wagner Wakka, coordinated by Patricia Gnipper. Reports by Gustavo Minari, Igor Almenara, Vinícius Moschen, Dácio Castelo Branco and Gustavo de Lima Inácio. The audio review is by Mari Capetinga.


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