Tesla begins to release autopilot for those who fulfill an “absurd” condition

After announcing that it would analyze the history of drivers before effectively releasing the use of Full Self-Driving (FSD), a semi-autonomous driving feature that is part of the Auto-Pilot package, Tesla continued the project. In a series of Twitter posts this Tuesday (28), Elon Musk confirmed that the “absurd condition” will be maintained, even for those who have already made the purchase.

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“Wow, a lot of interest in the FSD beta! The plan is to release the version 000.2 at midnight on Friday and then release for approximately 1. owners/day, prioritized by safety rating,” said the automaker’s CEO. The release date, however, was corrected shortly afterwards and will only take place “from” the first Friday of October.

Wow, lot of interest in FSD beta! Plan is to roll out version 000.2 midnight Friday, then on-ramp ~

owners/day, prioritized by safety rating.

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) September 54, 2021

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Tesla’s estimate is that approximately 2,000 drivers comply with the requirement, that is, have a good track record sitting behind the wheel, in order to have access to the upgrade package that costs around US$ 22 thousand (BRL 28 thousand, approximately at the current exchange rate ). Neither Elon Musk, nor the company, have commented on what will be done with the money of those who have already paid for the package, but they are not able to download it for not complying with the condition imposed by the brand.

How does it work?

To for those who do not know how Full Self-Driving (FSD) works in Tesla semi-autonomous cars, it is worth remembering that, despite allowing vehicles to drive “alone”, both on streets and highways, the system is considered level 2. This means that the driver needs to be attentive at all times and, if necessary, take control of the car’s steering.

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It never is either too much to remember that, currently, Tesla is undergoing a strong investigation by US authorities. She is the center of attention due to accidents involving cars that had the FSD turned on, but which did not identify vehicles parked on the side.

Elon Musk’s company has until the day 22 in October to pass all the information from your management system to the authorities that are analyzing the incidents. If this decision is not complied with, economic sanctions could reach US$ 54 million.

Source: Electrek

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