How to use Google Lens on iPhone or iPad

Introduced in late 2017, Google Lens is a feature that makes it possible to photograph something using your iPhone or iPad camera to search more about it on Google. In addition, you can also choose some existing image from your device’s camera roll and select to search for it.

If you want to specify the type of search for a particular image, you can too. Among the possible types of searches to be carried out with the function are the options for translating the selected text, searching for the selected text, “homework” — that is, photographing a specific question to search for it on Google —, shopping, places and meals.

However, it is important to mention that the feature is not an existing app on the iOS or iPadOS App Store, but rather a functionality present in the official Google search app itself.

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Find out in the tutorial below how to use the Google Lens feature on your iPhone or iPad:

Step 1: Open the Google app on your device. In the search bar, you’ll find the Google Lens icon (a color camera) just to the right of the microphone icon, which searches by voice. Click on the Google Lens feature to use it.

Open the Google app and click on the Google Lens icon. Screenshot: Lucas Wetten (Canaltech)

Step 2: Click on the window that will open on the screen click OK to grant permission for the app to use your device’s camera.

Grant the app permission to use your device’s camera. Screenshot: Lucas Wetten (Canaltech)

Step 3: Point the camera at something you want to search by Google Lens. In the footer menu, you can change the search type to something more specific if you like.

Define your search type. Screenshot: Lucas Wetten (Canaltech)

Step 4: When setting the search type, click the camera capture button to search the image by Google Lens.

Click the image capture button to search for Google Lens. Screenshot: Lucas Wetten (Canaltech)

Step 5: Wait for the app to search for results for your searched image.

Wait for the search results. Screenshot: Lucas Wetten (Canaltech)

Step 6: Once you receive the search results, click on the tab to expand it to the entire screen of your device.

Click on the tab to expand it to the entire screen. Screenshot: Lucas Wetten (Canaltech)

Step 7: At the top of the screen, you will find the main match found in relation to the search performed.

Check the main match of the search performed. Screenshot: Lucas Wetten (Canaltech)

Step 8: When scrolling down, you can find other matches, such as visuals, in relation to your searched image.

Also check out the other matches found for your search. Screenshot: Lucas Wetten (Canaltech)

Step 9: Upon returning to the search screen, you can still change the search type. To do this, click on the filter icon on the left side of the screen.

You can still change your survey type. Screenshot: Lucas Wetten (Canaltech)

Step 10: Select the search type for something more specific, if you like, and wait for the search results to update.

Select the type of search and wait for the results to update. Screenshot: Lucas Wetten (Canaltech)

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