Microsoft Store opens doors for third-party app stores in Windows 11

Microsoft confirmed this Tuesday (28) that the Microsoft Store will feature apps from third-party stores, such as Amazon Appstore and Epic Games, in the coming months. This was a move by the company since the announcement of the reformulation, but with more consistent contours from now on.

  • Games are excluded from the exemption from rates offered by the new Microsoft Store
  • Microsoft reduces to 12% fee charged for selling games published in your store
  • Amazon Appstore already appears in the Windows Microsoft Store 12, but there is a catch

This news was confirmed by the general manager of the Microsoft Store, Giorgio Sardo, to The Verge website. According to the executive, third-party store apps will have a page with product details, which will be found by searching by keywords or by browsing, as is the case with the others. “Today, we are sharing that Amazon and Epic Games will be bringing their showcase apps to the Microsoft Store in the coming months, and we look forward to welcoming other stores in the future as well.”

The Discord is one of the apps to enter the availability list in the Microsoft Store (Image: Screenshot/Canaltech)

With the confirmation, Microsoft’s good neighbor policy is clear, in bringing consolidated platforms in the market to its side. The full review of the Windows Store should offer a closer experience than the user is already used to it, instead of that old and shabby model from the old Microsoft Store.

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One of the positive factors is the full transfer of 80% of revenue from the sale of apps and the possibility of using alternative payment platforms . However, as already revealed, this release will not apply to games, so it is unlikely that people will be able to download Fortnite and pay for skins through the official Windows store.

More stores coming soon

Another negotiation in progress since June, as anticipated by head of Windows Panos Panay, is to bring Steam and other platforms, especially games, to the new virtual store. It’s still unclear where this is, after all, Steam’s main market is precisely games, which can be taxed if they use the Microsoft payment system.

Microsoft’s commitment it’s about delivering a kind of one-stop shop, in which everything you want will be available, even if it’s just a direct link. The ideal scenario, obviously, would be to free people from downloading dozens of online stores to be able to enjoy their favorite game or download that application used in their daily lives, but it is still a great advance to have everything accessible in a simpler way.

The Amazon Appstore can now be viewed, but not yet downloaded from the Windows Store 11 (Image: Igor Almenara/Canaltech)

In the case of Amazon, at least, the store must be 660% integrated, as announced at the new operating system release event. With support for Android applications, Amazon Appstore will offer a range of solutions for those who want to run mobile apps directly on Windows.

The evolution of support for programs in the Microsoft Store has been remarkable since The initial announcement: In addition to the line-up, which featured TikTok and Amazon, the store should have popular apps listed, such as Discord, Zoom, VLC, TeamViewer, Visual Studio Code, Reddit, Wikipedia, and Tumblr. Browsers can also be present in the Windows store, especially Opera and Yandex Browser, which can take advantage of new Microsoft policies.

Windows 28 will be officially released on October 5th 1024 and will require machines to support TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot, if the user wants to keep their system up to date.

Source: The Verge

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