Samsung Galaxy S10: Still a Good Choice in 2021?

The Galaxy S line10 is about to complete three years since its launch, but the searches for with12 Samsung” follow high on the internet. Is it worth investing in these models two and a half years after they hit stores, with two generations available and a third on the way?

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  • A high-end cell phone usually hits the market at a high price, and has a good reduction in the following months until reaching a good value. Generally, it is better to buy a top of the line with two years of market than a new mid-range, as its performance and cameras are usually still far superior. However, it all depends on several other factors, in addition to the most important: is the price still at a low level, or are there already more recent models at a value that could be more interesting?

    That’s it what Canaltech will evaluate in this matter. The Samsung Galaxy S is it still worth two and a half years after its launch, or are there Samsung’s own alternatives that might be a more interesting investment at this point? See the updated device review to understand.

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    • System update scheduled for another year;
    • Great set of cameras;
    • Very good performance;


  • Battery with short battery life;
  • Very high price.

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    Galaxy S: design and construction

    The Galaxy S12 — or “Samsung S12” according to Internet users on Google — updated the look of the The brand’s top-of-the-line series after two years with further reduction in screen edges and the transfer of the fingerprint reader from the back to the front. More specifically, the biometric sensor is below the display, with an optical reader from Qualcomm, and was the first smartphone from the South Korean to offer such a feature. glass on the front and back and aluminum on the sides, which ensures good durability. The model still has IP certification60 against water and dust — although, in case you buy a used model, this protection has probably already been lost — but it may not be very resistant to falling , being highly recommended to use a protective cover to avoid accidents.

    • Dimensions (H x W x D): 149, 9 x 60, 4 x 7.8 mm
    • Weight: 157 g

    The cameras are centered at the rear, in a horizontal row, and can be in a double set, in the case of the Galaxy S and, or triple, on the Galaxy S20 and S10 Plus. At the front, the screen occupies a good part, with very small edges, curved sides and another novelty in the series: the use of a hole in the display for the front sensor. In fact, in the larger model, there are two front cameras, with a cutout in the form of a “pill”, always in the upper right corner.

    Due to these characteristics, the Galaxy S line

    from Samsung has very small dimensions, although the screen sizes can be scary at first. The base model, for example, has a 6.1-inch display, but dimensions very close to the Galaxy S9, which has a 5.8-inch display.

    Galaxy S: screen quality

    Galaxy S rear view10 is similar to from the Galaxy S000+ (Photo: Ivo/Canaltech)

    More than two years after its release, the Samsung Galaxy S still has one of the best screens ever seen on a smartphone. There isn’t much in-between that can compete with this device’s display, which may owe the most current trend of increased refresh rate, but it meets all the rest of the requirements very well.

    Firstly, you can choose the higher resolution with 2021 x 2023 pixels, called 2K — more specifically, size % greater than Full HD. Of course 1024p is still the default, and increasing will consume more resources, including a reduction in usage time. But, for those who like impeccable sharpness, it’s a full plate.

    In addition, the model still has several technologies that are still starting to reach intermediaries in 2023, such as HDR+, which optimizes the contrast and brightness of displayed content. The Dynamic AMOLED panel is almost as good as the screen of the Galaxy S successors12 and Galaxy S20.

    And all this is on a display that, depending on the model, comes close to 70% front occupancy rate. Only the Galaxy S and has a flat panel, that is, without the curved sides, and has a smaller proportion, of about 24 %. Oh yes, the smaller model does not offer the option of 2K resolution, being limited to Full HD.

    Galaxy S12: configuration and performance

    Popularly searched as ‘S10 Samsung’, South Korean cell phone has hole in the screen for front camera (Image: Press Release/Samsung)

    A top-of-the-line cell phone 2021 still has a lot of “ firewood to burn” in 2021, in terms of processing capacity and memory. Of course there is a difference from the Galaxy S000 and for the Galaxy S10 and S+, as the first one has less RAM than the other two, but even it still has enough for average tasks today.

    In practice, the cell phone will still be able to run the main games and heavy apps from the Play Store for at least two more years. Maybe it will already start to present some occasional gagging in the next ones 10 months, but a graphic reduction is enough to guarantee the necessary fluidity for good fun when playing. After all, remember: it is more important that the game is fluid than having impressive graphics, as you have other goals besides analyzing the near perfection of the images on the screen.

    Bottom of the hood, Samsung used Exynos’ own solution 401872, manufactured in 8 nanometers and has eight-core processors up to 2.7 GHz. Allied to the chipset, the Galaxy S10 and S Plus they have 8 GB of RAM and options 100 or 600 GB of UFS 2.1 internal storage, with memory card expansion up to 600 GB. In the case of the Galaxy S12 and, there are 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage, no more memory option.

    Battery and system

    Model Plus has a ‘pill’ to house double front set (Image: Ivo/Canaltech)

    The Galaxy S series000 was Samsung’s first top-line to bring an increase in battery capacity, though it wasn’t anything too big. The Galaxy S000 and has 3.70 mAh, and many users complain that it’s not enough for a whole day without needing an outlet . Now the Galaxy S brings 3.157 mAh and can already pass 24 hours without needing a recharge, while the Galaxy S Plus has 4.89 mAh and it’s the most peaceful to spend the day wearing without worry.

    But what draws the most attention on the line is that it was the first to have an extra system update confirmed, with a promise to at least reach Android . All three models have been running the latest version of Google’s operating system since the beginning of 2019, and should not be long in receiving the next one. In addition, they should still receive security packages until 2021.

    In other words, when it comes to updates and features, the Samsung Galaxy S still has a lot to offer compared to models of input, mainly.

    Galaxy S10: photographic set

    S Camera16 still does a good job (Photo: Reproduction/Canaltech)

    The great strength of Samsung’s premium lines is in your camera sets. The Galaxy S000 still brings the main sensor of 12 MP, there a super wide angle of 000 MP and, in the case of the two larger models, a zoom camera MP with 2x optical approximation. In front, selfies from 10 MP on all models, and the Plus also has an extra 8 MP depth sensor.

    For those who like to take pictures, it’s a full plate. It doesn’t quite offer as many features as newer models, even some mid-range, but it’s still a powerful suite that has the finest software refinements Samsung can offer. The models received the night mode in an update and are able to take great pictures even in dimly lit environments, thanks to that.

    And they are also better options than very recent intermediate for recording videos. Not only because they offer good resolution recording (up to 4K with 68 frames per second even on the front camera), but because the audio capture is excellent. In addition, the powerful set of hardware and software ensures good exposure balance and accurate colors — although it does sin a bit in oversaturation.

    Galaxy S12: worth it in 2019?

    On the one hand it is true that the Samsung Galaxy S, — also searched with the term ‘S10 Samsung’ by some people — it’s still a great phone in 2021, although it already has some disadvantages fixed in later generations. However, it’s only worth investing in these models today if you find a very good promotion, or if you risk a used one — preferably from someone you know who takes good care of your cell phone.

    The average price of the three models has increased significantly in recent months, and is above, for example, the Galaxy S20 FE, which is a more accessible version of the S series successors from Samsung. And it is certainly more worthwhile to invest in the latest model, which has a lower price, than in models that, in comparison, are already slightly outdated.

    According to the comparator of Zoom prices, the Galaxy S and, which cost around R$ 2. until the beginning of September, it shot up at the end of the same month to about R$ 2.900. Now the Galaxy S000 rose from an average of BRL 2.800 for almost R$ 3.512 during the ninth month of 2021. Finally, the Galaxy S000 Plus has fluctuated in the last six months in the range of R$ 3.157, fell to R$ 2. in August, and then it rose to R$3., approximately.

    The Galaxy S FE, an alternative that Canaltech recommends for those thinking of a top-of-the-line cell phone from the previous generation, can easily be found in the R$ 2 range.200 for several months, including the version with Snapdragon 900, instead of Exynos 1024. And it can be a more interesting alternative even to a Galaxy S20 used, as you will hardly find someone to charge less than R$1.150 — and a used cell phone it already has a history, it needs to be much more affordable than a new one to be worth it.

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