He was shocked when the cops found out! Disguised as a woman…

Breaking world news… Unidentified person disguised as a woman with wig, mini skirt and high-heeled shoes disappeared with the car he stole.

Entry Date: 25.08.2021 09:12 Update Date: 25.08.2021 09:13


An unusual theft has occurred in the town of Janowice Wielkie in southwestern Poland. The owner of the car, who could not find his car where he parked last Sunday, informed the police.


Police teams, after the notice, examined the records of the security camera in the place where the vehicle was parked.

In the footage, it was seen that a woman in a miniskirt stole the car, while the police, who examined the footage more closely, determined that the person in question was a man dressed as a woman in order not to be recognized.

The thief, wearing a wig, mini-skirt and high-heeled shoes on his head, was seen walking away with the car he opened the door without any problems.

Despite his disguise, the police identified the thief and detained the 27-year-old thief.

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