LG launches new soundbar in Brazil with Dolby Atmos and artificial intelligence

LG presented this Tuesday (28) its new line of audio devices in Brazil, with the arrival of two soundbar models, the SP8A and SP9A. Both have advanced sound features as well as artificial intelligence technologies and voice commands.

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One of the great highlights of the new line is the support for artificial intelligence resources, in addition to voice commands via Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple AirPlay 2 and LG ThinQ AI, the latter developed by the South company. Korean.

The SP8A arrives with a power of 360 W RMS, which is distributed across 3.1.2 channels, while the more advanced SP9A version arrives with 360 W, sent by 5.1.2 channels.

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In terms of audio, both editions have support for Dolby Atmos, which offers a sound experience in

º, and they have the DTS X decoder, which is capable of creating an immersion larger with content by propagating audio in multiple directions, which can allow the user to hear thunder played in a movie, for example, above their head, without the need to connect external devices.

(Image: Disclosure/LG)

Another advantage is that the soundbars have the Al Sound Pro 2 system, which automatically adjusts the sound equalization according to the content being played, in addition to the Al technology Room Calibration, which makes the device reproduce the audio with its best calibration according to the environment.

Another highlight is the presence of the Meridian Horizon mixing technology — created by Meridian Audio — that delivers two-channel stereo content audio, regardless of listening position or location, to enhance the sound stage of all content. This increases the “sweet spot” area and stability of the center image, which helps to deliver a greater sense of immersion for each user.

(Image: Disclosure/LG)

LG’s new soundbars can also be used as a controller for other smart home devices to thus control an entire environment connected by voice commands and still listen to music, news, make calls and other features in a single device . In addition, they come with Chromecast integrated to offer even more advantages for their users.

For connectivity, the two soundbars have support for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, thus, can play high quality content without relying on cables to make the connection. In addition, Subwoofer Wireless and Bluetooth Connect allow other compatible devices to automatically connect with LG bars. Physical connections include HDMI input/output, optical audio output, and USB.

(Image: Disclosure/LG)

Control of LG’s new audio devices can also be done with the LG TV Synergy remote. This way, the user can define, directly on the accessory, whether he will control the TV or the soundbar.

Finally, the SP8A and SP9A are made with recycled materials, to reduce the impact on the environment. According to the brand, recycled materials were used in the production of devices and packaging with components 28% recyclable, which received Societe Generale de Surveillance (SGS) Ecological Product Certification, which guarantees the company’s commitment to reducing pollutants.

Price and availability

(Image: Disclosure/LG)

The two new LG soundbars are already available on the domestic market and can be found for R$ 3.660, for SP8A and R$ 4.325, for the SP9A.

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