Toyota could face boycott in the United States for opposing electrification

Toyota is known for being one of the pioneer automakers when it comes to electrified cars. The Prius, which has already gone through tests here at Canaltech, was the embryo of what we know today as hybrid cars, as it manages to perfectly combine electric motors and combustion in one extremely competent and low-polluting product. But the Japanese giant does not see that the path of the automotive industry is total electrification.

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    According to Electrek, Toyota works behind the scenes to prevent the advancement of laws of encouragement of electric cars in the United States. Upon learning this, environmentalists have already started a publicity process for a possible boycott of the automaker, which prefers to work with hybrid models, whether light or plug-in, or even cars powered by fuel cells — in this case, hydrogen, which it is also zero emission.

    “The weather clock is ticking and we have to start reaching the polluters where it is important—on money. I worked at an electric car dealership and I can say this is our best chance of change, alongside federal law. Car salespeople hate to miss a single sale and hate negative publicity. Toyota deserves it. all because they’re keeping us addicted to gasoline,” Paul Scott, founder of EV advocacy group Plug In America, told Electrek.

  • In addition to the Plug In America EVs, other groups signed a manifesto against Toyota. The automaker internally claims that the efforts of the United States are more towards pleasing the unions than properly concerned with the reduction of pollutant emissions. If we take into account that the company has electric, hybrid and hydrogen cars in your portfolio, it makes sense, but acting against a regulation of 100% electrified vehicles may sound bad on the market.

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    The Prius was the pioneer of automotive electrification (Image: Matheus Argentoni/Canaltech)

    Here in Brazil, the company adopts a different strategy from other automakers. It currently has four electrified vehicles for sale, all hybrids. They are: Corolla Hybrid, Corolla Cross Hybrid, RAV4 Hybrid and the Prius, which has its marketing suspended until the new generation arrives. The detail of these cars is that, in addition to being electrified, two of them have the possibility of running on ethanol, which makes their pollutant cycle the lowest in the industry.

      De Indeed, Toyota doesn’t seem as excited about electrification as other brands, but with sanctions and orders issued by governments in the US and Europe, the automaker won’t have much choice. Let’s take a look.

      Source: Electrek

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