neeraj chopra special message to pakistan on arshad nadeem shared a beautiful story from olympics

New Delhi
India’s Neeraj Chopra created history by winning the gold medal in the javelin throw at the Tokyo Olympics. He won the gold medal by throwing 87.58m javelin. Apart from Neeraj, another player on whom the Indians were eyeing was Arshad Nadeem of Pakistan. Although Nadeem could not win any medals, he did win praise for his performance.

Nadeem made it to the final. He finished 5th. Nadeem has described Neeraj as his inspiration on many occasions. He is a fan of Neeraj’s game and it is also evident from his words.

At the same time, Neeraj is also happy with Nadeem’s game and hopes that more people will be attracted to Javelin in Pakistan by taking inspiration from Nadeem.

Neeraj shared the anecdote of the Olympics with our colleague Times of India, he said, ‘I was looking for my javelin before the start of the final. I was not getting that. Suddenly, I saw Arshad Nadeem walking with my javelin. I told him, ‘Brother this is my javelin, give it to me. I have to throw. Then he gave it back to me. That’s when you must have noticed that I threw my first throw very hastily.

Arshad Nadeem qualified for the final. He became the first Pakistani player to qualify for the Olympic athletics final. Neeraj said, ‘Nadeem did very well in the qualifying round and also played well in the final. I think it is good for Pakistan that they have a good chance to show interest in Javelin. He may perform well on the international stage in future.

Neeraj also gave a message to the people of Pakistan on this occasion. He said, ‘Support Arshad Nadeem. They have recognized Pakistan in javelin and it needs your cooperation.

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