How to post phrases on Instagram with the Textgram app

Textgram (Android) is a design platform that offers several templates, stickers, filters, frames and much more so that you can create images and share them in your own social networks.

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And a positive point is that the edits in the service can be carried out quickly and conveniently. So, check out the step-by-step steps below to create images with phrases and post them on Instagram using Textgram!

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Step 1: Open the Textgram app and tap the “+” in the lower right corner to create a new design.

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Open Textgram and tap “+” in the bottom corner (Screenshot: Matheus Bigogno)

Step 2

: in the open menu, select “Template Mode”.

In the open menu, select “Template Mode” (Screenshot: Matheus Bigogno)

Step 3: use the lower menu to access the “Templates” tab .

Access the “Templates” tab in the bottom menu (Screenshot: Matheus Bigogno)

Step 4: choose one of the available templates to edit.

Select one of the models from the list to be able to edit it (Screenshot: Matheus Bigogno)

Step 5: Back to the “Screen” tab, click on “Image” to add images or photos from your cell phone to the design.

Tap “Image” to add images from your phone (Screenshot: Matheus Bigogno)

Step 6

: adjust the image in the editing screen, or use the icons to resize or rotate it.

Adjust the added image in your design (Screenshot: Matheus Bigogno)

Step 7: Double-click the text to edit it and insert a phrase of your choice. Use the lower menu to format it and choose the font type, size and color.

Insert the sentence that you want to publish on Instagram (Screenshot: Matheus Bigogno)

Step 8: accessing the “Backgrounds” tab, you can add images or choose a color for the background .

Go to the “Backgrounds” tab and modify the background of your image (Screenshot: Matheus Bigogno )

Step 9: access the “Stickers” tab to add stickers that match your creation.

Go to the “Stickers” tab and choose one if you want (Screenshot: Matheus Bigogno)


: in the “Filters” tab, you can add and configure how much a filter will impact the design.

Adjust your post filters (Screenshot: Matheus Bigogno)

Step : Go to “Frames” to add custom cuts. After editing, click “Next” in the upper right corner.

After the adjustments, click “Next” in the upper right corner (Screenshot: Matheus Bigogno)

Step 30

: Tap “Save As” or “Share” to share the image directly to Instagram (or other social networks).

Tap “Save Photo” or “Share” to post the image with the phrase on Instagram (Screenshot: Matheus Bigogno)

Ready! Now you can use the Textgram app to post phrases on Instagram.

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