Unprecedented brutality from the US uniformed Taliban! They burned her alive

According to the breaking news: The news about the Taliban, who took over the administration in Afghanistan with lightning speed, freezes the blood. The allegation that Taliban members, who started to walk around in US uniforms, set a woman on fire alive, fell like a bomb on the agenda.

Entry Date: 21.08.2021 16:08 Update Date: 21.08.2021 16:43


The Taliban era in Afghanistan started with violence, the blood of the world was drawn with the images coming from both the Kabul Airport and other cities.


According to a former Afghan judge, Afghan women are sent to neighboring countries in coffins. Najla Ayoubi, who fled the Taliban for her life and lives in the US, said she had heard of horrific examples of violence against women since the militants took control of her homeland on Sunday.

Najla Ayoubi said yesterday that a woman was “set on fire for being accused of cooking bad food for Taliban fighters” in the north of the country.

Allegedly, other young women are forced into marriage and sexually abused. “They’re forcing people to cook for them. There are also so many young women… They’ve been sent to neighboring countries in coffins in the past few weeks,” the former judge told Sky News. said.

Najla Ayoubi said that Taliban fighters forced families to marry their young daughters to the militants, adding: “When we see all this brutality, the promise that women should work is meaningless.”

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