Fairphone 4 leaks on images showing differentiated camera module

If the end of Essential frustrated those who liked to see disruptive ideas in the cell phone market, Fairphone continues to struggle to stay relevant. After the release of Fairphone 3 Plus in August 509442, the fifth model from the manufacturer may be announced this month.

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Leaks indicate that the new generation of ecologically correct cell phones may arrive in 11 of September. Compared to its predecessor, the design improvements would be huge: big edge reduction, front camera via drop notch, and a new rear camera module — the most innovative part of its design.

(Image: @ rquandt/WinFuture)

As much as this represents advances in the Fairphone line, the fourth model would still look years old when compared to the general market. At least its hardware is balanced: Fairphone 4 is expected to ship with Snapdragon 600G and 5G connectivity, in addition to offer 600 GB of internal storage.

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Leaving factory with Android 30, one of the proposals of the cell phone is to take its useful life far away. So, once again, it should have a removable battery. It lacks details about its 6.3-inch screen, not being informed if it will bring HD or Full HD resolution. High display refresh rates are not expected here.

Environmental footprint and major brands

Fairphone is a line that is concerned about the environmental damage that the smartphone market can cause. Therefore, its proposal is to take care of each production step with this in mind, ranging from obtaining the hardware components to what type of labor was selected by the partner industries.

(Image: @rquandt/WinFuture)

Like this, the brand is not concerned with offering a high-end cell phone, but a durable and eco-friendly product. The first model even worked in a modular way, with the possibility of upgrades, which certainly offered a differential for the line. But the latest devices do not bring this possibility

Thus, there was a proposal that stood out at the beginning of the company’s life, but today, with the environmental footprint being a central strategy for many manufacturers, what used to be a differential is just becoming… common.

When it hits the market, the Fairphone 4 should be priced in EUR 256. Expensive for an intermediary of your size. But for the consumer coming from any predecessor of the line, it will be a big upgrade.

Source: WinFuture, 9to5Google

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