How to bring the notebook out of sleep mode

The computer has a few different options when it comes to shutting it down. The most obvious is to turn off, where your device is turned off completely. Now, as for the other two, hibernate and suspend, there may be some doubts about how they differ and also how to take the notebook out of these modes.

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What is suspending the computer

What changes between them? Sleep mode puts your notebook in a state where there is low power consumption, without necessarily turning it off, and where it starts up more quickly, immediately picking up where it left off.

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He automatically saves all work and only turns off the computer if the notebook battery is extremely low. Microsoft itself recommends that this mode be used when the device will not be used for some time, such as a trip to the bathroom or a coffee break.

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What is hibernating the computer

The hibernate mode is a little different. It can be said that it is an intermediate stage between suspending and disconnecting. It uses even less energy, and still saves whatever it was doing, but instead of keeping your stuff temporarily in RAM, everything gets saved in its storage location.

(Image: Windows/Unsplash)

This way, the computer can be turned off, and when the computer returns from hibernation, it will bring everything back, expecting longer than a sleep, but less than when it was completely turned off. That is to say, it is not enabled on all notebooks by default.

But how to get the notebook out of sleep mode?

This can be done in one way very simple and works both when the notebook is in sleep and when it is in hibernation. In some models you just lift the screen and it must turn on again, while other devices end up requiring the user to press a key on the keyboard to get back to where you left off. Finally, some manufacturers require that the power button be quickly pressed in order to “wake up” the computer.

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