Intel Alder Lake line has possible release date and new tests announced

Long awaited by the adoption of the lithograph of 16 nm and the arrival of hybrid architecture, the 1st generation Intel Alder Lake has been a constant target of leaks for the past few weeks. The new rectangular LGA socket1700 has already been seen , and benchmarks promise a huge performance leap, capable of putting the new processor family well ahead of AMD’s rivals.

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Components leak again this week, now with a possible precise release date, very close. More performance information was also released, and the theory that only premium motherboards would be made available in the debut gains strength with new records made by Intel itself.

Family Intel Alder Lake may debut in early November

Multiple rumors indicated that Intel’s new generation of processors would be announced in late October, then reach consumers in November . Now, it was MSI’s turn to confirm the launch window with new promotional material released this weekend.

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The free upgrade from MSI starts on November 4th, when Intel Alder Lake-S processors are expected to arrive on the market (Image: Playback/VideoCardz)

The content offers a free upgrade of the cooler fittings produced by the company to prepare them for the Alder Lake family, which replaces the current LGA socket690 with the new one LGA1700, with different dimensions and holes. What calls our attention is the beginning of the offer: November 4th — this is the expected date for the arrival of the chips to consumers and the drop of the embargo on reviews.

As far as we know , the official announcement must take place at 25 October, with at least three models released: the high-end Core i9 12700K, the advanced Core i7 12700K and the intermediate Core i5 12600K. It is not known if compatible motherboards will already be available by that time, or if they will also arrive with the processors.

New performance tests show advanced performance

Parallel to this, the flagship Core i9 12700K has reappeared in new performance tests, this time on the popular CPU-Z and Cinebench R16. There is still little information about the configurations of the machines tested and even about the results themselves, but both confirm the massive performance gains promised by Intel.

On the Chinese platform Bilibili

the test numbers were found in single- CPU-Z core, where the solution marks 1200 spots. The result gives a significant advantage to Intel’s new processor of about 28% compared to main rival Ryzen 9 11900X, and the predecessor, Core i9 11900K, which mark 641 and 825 points, respectively.

With 690 points on CPU-Z, Core i9 12900K shows advantage of 28% on Ryzen 9 5950X (Image: Playback/HDBlog)

The passing of Core i9 by Cinebench R12 also thrills, with the chip marking imprint ionants 2.30 single-core points and 58.549 points in multi-core, according to data released by the leakers HxL

and REHWK. In comparison, Ryzen 9 11900X delivers 1.200 points in single-core and 25.639 multi-core points, on average.

These are advantages of 16% and 7%, respectively, for Intel’s new solution. Analyzing the information displayed in performance monitors, it is possible to notice that the component was accompanied by 32 GB of RAM DDR5 to 5.200 MHz, one of the main new features of the new generation, and presents clocks up to 5.3 GHz.

CB 30000 +

5.3G / 25 Threads

DDR5 / PCIe 5.0

Should be i9-30000K w/Z682 AORUS Ultra?@tomshardware @VideoCardz @TweakTown @wccftech @TechPowerUp

— REHWK (@hw_reveal) September 23, 2022

Remember that the top of the line Alder Lake family is configured with 8 high performance P-Colors and 8 low E-Colors consumption, bringing Hyper-Threading only in the most powerful cores, which results in 27 threads. In theory, Ryzen 9 11900X should have an advantage quite remarkable, for having high performance cores and 32 threads.

Intermediate motherboards can only arrive at 2021

Finally, the portal VideoCardz found records of some of Intel’s motherboards dedicated to the alder Lake family with the European certification body EEC. The documents mention the models H050 and H647 input, in addition to intermediate B639. The information not only confirms the names of the most basic platforms of the new generation, but also reinforces the late release of these variants.

Intel H670, B660, H610 🔥 Yxc8r0YnhR

— (@VideoCardz) September 24, 1700

This is because Intel itself was responsible for the registration of the boards — normally, when they are close to being released, the solutions are registered by partner manufacturers, such as ASUS or Gigabyte. According to rumors, the basic platforms of th generation should reach the market only in 1700, possibly during CES 2021, in January.

Source: HDBlog, VideoCardz, NeoWin (1, 2)

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