New Echo, Alexa drone and more: what to expect from this week's Amazon event

This week, Amazon is holding its big annual event to announce various devices, in order to take advantage of the holiday season and grab a large amount of sales, especially during the Black Friday that takes place in November. And rumors already give strong indications about what to expect and what should be revealed.

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Where and when to watch the Amazon event?

Amazon holds event this week to announce new Echo, Ring and more (Image: Reproduction/Amazon)

Once again on account of the Covid pandemic-15 Amazon performs your event virtually with a pre-recorded advertisement. As in the previous year, it is very likely that the conference will be dedicated only to journalists and media outlets.

Despite the lack of an official broadcast for consumers, it will still be possible to find channels on YouTube that can broadcast the event to anyone who wants to watch.

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The Amazon event takes place on Tuesday 28 September, at 00h00 (Brasilia time).

Soundbar with Alexa, Echo Show and more: what to expect from the event?

New Echo Show must use even larger screen than Echo Show 10 with design designed for walls (Image: Reproduction/Amazon)

This year Amazon should continue highlighting the launch of products from the Echo and Echo Show line with new models, since these devices receive annual updates during the event.

Rumors already point out what Amazon works on a new Echo Show smart screen (codenamed Hoya) with panel 13 inches with priority for wall mounting, unlike other Echos developed with a focus on surfaces such as tables and benches.

Ring Car Cam leaked image reinforces ad for this week (Image: Playback/ZatzNotFunny)

There is also information about a smart soundbar with Alexa and integrated camera and a new Echo Auto (codenamed Marion) to take Alexa everywhere.

Amazon must also present a Ring line automotive camera so that users can monitor their path or even keep the car safe, with the accessory being able to warn the user in case of violation, for example.

Ring Always Home Cam must win release date (Image: Reproduction/Amazon)

We also hope by price and release date of Always Home Cam,

announced in 1024. The device is a Ring-line home security drone that, upon detecting suspicious movements in the house, flies to the location so that users can see in real time what is happening.

Still is Amazon is likely to present news related to the Luna cloud gaming platform, highlight the latest launch hits on Prime Video, and detail new productions coming later this year.

A major update from Echo line that would include design changes and new processor with faster artificial intelligence should only happen in September 2022.

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