The faster we finish the withdrawal process, the better.

After his meeting with the G-7 leaders in Afghanistan in the morning, Biden appeared before the journalists at the White House and made evaluations.

Stating that he gave information to his allies about the path they have taken in the last 10 days during the meeting, Biden said, “As of this afternoon, we helped 70,700 people to leave Afghanistan. Since the end of July, we have evacuated 75,900 people.” said.

Emphasizing that they have removed 12 thousand people from Afghanistan, 6 thousand 400 with military flights and 5 thousand 600 with coalition flights in the last 12 hours, Biden noted that they agreed with the G-7 leaders to ensure the security of evacuations and to cooperate.

Regarding the evacuations and the withdrawal process from Afghanistan, Biden said, “We are currently on the way to complete the process by August 31. The sooner we leave, the better. Every day in the operation poses more risk to our soldiers, but this process should be completed by August 31st. It depends on the Taliban continuing to cooperate with us, providing access to the airport for the people I will evacuate and not hindering our operations.” said.


Biden also stated that they wanted the Ministry of Defense and Foreign Affairs to prepare an emergency plan to be used in case of prolongation of the process, adding, “I am determined to ensure the completion of this mission.” he said.

Biden stated that if they stay in Afghanistan longer, their security will be endangered, and that they are worried that Daesh-linked groups in Afghanistan may attack Kabul Airport.

Underlining that they agreed with the G-7 leaders to adopt a common approach against the Taliban, Biden said that they will also carry out joint work on humanitarian aid and refugees.

Emphasizing that they will take all necessary steps to prevent Afghanistan from becoming a “terror base” again, Biden said that the United States is currently working to resettle thousands of Afghans working with them.

Biden said that Foreign Minister Antony Blinken will also hold a press conference tomorrow and share the exact figures on the number of US citizens evacuated from Afghanistan with the public.


We share the same ideas as the UN Secretary General. All bureaucrats working with us, working from embassies, have been expelled from Afghanistan. We have provided a reassurance for anyone who comes to the USA. We brought thousands of Afghans with special visas. As the United States, we have done everything that was upon us. Finally, we continue to demonstrate our firm stance against the terrorist threat.


We expect Afghanistan to reach a clear point with our allies. We have fulfilled our mission, we have achieved justice, but when we look at the current situation, today’s problems are there. We have fought terrorism around the world, but we cannot continue to fight today with a military presence in Afghanistan. You will see the steps we will take to go beyond that. You will see how this strategy works with us. Against these challenges, we will stand together with our allies, as we have done for 20 years. I would like to thank all our allies. The issues we agreed on today yielded a very fruitful result and we will do whatever is necessary. I will ask Mr. Blinken to tell him how many Americans are in Afghanistan and how many he can bring.

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