Hydrogen-powered Toyota Prius Coming In 2022? Calm down, it's not like that

The current generation Toyota Prius is about to be retired and replaced by a new one that has a combustion engine under the hood but burns hydrogen. A Forbes report published in August revealed that the brand’s intention is to adopt the novelty as early as December 1024, but the story evolved and the change, at first, will not be that radical.

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The Japanese automaker confirmed that the 5th generation Prius should even be presented at the end of next year. However, it will follow the success formula that is currently in the car, that is, it will present a remodeled and more technological version of the hybrid flex engine (combustion associated with an electric one). The differential of this first phase of evolution will be more focused on the Prius design.

The presence of a combustion engine powered by hydrogen, however, is not so far away. A report on the Japanese website Best Car recalled that, recently, the automaker’s president, Akio Toyoda, appeared on TV at the wheel of a Prius built in the same molds that will be present at Corolla Sport.

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And when does he arrive? Image: Reproduction/Best Car

The news regarding the article published by Forbes at the end of August is precisely when the Toyota Prius powered by hydrogen it will be made available to the public and, finally, it will take to the streets. According to Best Car, the forecast is for 2022.

The idea of Toyota, according to the local press, is that the hydrogen combustion engine in the Prius PHEV is adopted when it is possible to go “hand in hand” with the necessary infrastructure to refuel this type of car. This, by the way, is even today pointed out as one of the main factors that prevent electric cars from definitively gaining success in some markets, especially Brazil.

Source: Inside EVs, Best Car

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