How to lock and unlock artists and songs on Spotify

Spotify (Android l iOS l Web) allows users to block platform artists and songs in official playlists such as Discoveries of the Week and the famous Daily Mix. The feature, while quite useful and simple to use, is unknown to many subscribers.

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  • In this tutorial, you’ll see how to carry out this process — which, it’s worth mentioning, has some differences between songs and artists. Check out the following step by step!

    Step 1:

    To get started, go to application’s home page and, on it, find and select the “Search” command, which is positioned at the bottom.

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    Search for an artist. (Image: Kris Gaiato/Screenshot)

    Step 2:

    To block an artist, search by their name and then click on the corresponding result.

    Access the singer’s page. (Image: Kris Gaiato/Screenshot)

    Step 3:

    Now click on the three-dot menu below cover to display the available options.

    Open the three-dot menu. (Image: Kris Gaiato/Screenshot)

    Step 4:

    Once that’s done, select the option “Don’t play this artist” and all his songs will be ignored by the app. If you want to unlock it, just follow the same path. In this case, the option displayed will be “Allow this artist to be played”.

    Now, block your productions. (Image: Kris Gaiato/Screenshot)

    Step 5:

    To block songs on Spotify, the process is a little different. After all, it is not possible to enable the blocking of a music track, unless this action is directed to an official playlist on the platform. In this case, even the tool changes. To test it out, go to a playlist created by Spotify itself and select the three-dot button for one of the songs.

    Again, click on the indicated menu. (Image: Kris Gaiato/Screenshot)

    Step 6:

    Now click on the “Hide Music” command. When enabling the feature, the user will still be able to listen to the music on the platform. But, in that specific playlist, it will be ignored.

And finally, hide the song from the list. (Image: Kris Gaiato/Screenshot)

To unlock the artist or song, just perform the same process through the app. What did you think of this tip? Share your opinion through the comments below!

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