WhatsApp prepares “version 2.0” to support multiple devices

WhatsApp seems to be working on a major update for connecting to multiple devices, which is currently in beta phase. This “multiple devices 2.0”, as it was dubbed by the WABetaInfo website, would allow the same account to be connected to different laptops simultaneously, a capacity not yet available in the resource.

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Suspicion arises from a “Downloading recent messages” screen, apparently for the WhatsApp app for iPad, where the platform indicates that it is downloading messages from Facebook’s servers. The process is also done by the computer when the application is opened for the first time, in which it is necessary to synchronize the contents of the main device with its branches.

Cloud synchronization always happens when a secondary device opens the app after some time inactive (Image: Playback/WABetaInfo)

The existence The screen itself says a lot: WhatsApp is even closer to being officially released for the Apple tablet, and possibly it could be made compatible with connecting to multiple phones. Today, each account can be connected to a single cell phone, and the user can manage all other devices on it.

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Still under development

Until now, it’s hard to say what the purpose of this screen will be and there is the possibility of being something exclusive for tablets, so it remains to wait for future signs of evolution of the tool. The connection to multiple devices is still in the testing period, so it is normal that more tools (even very large ones) are in preparation.

According to the WABetaInfo website, the information was found when investigating the application code, so even beta users don’t have access to it. As such, there is no forecast for the release of “Multiple Devices 2.0”, and it will likely appear first to official testers.

Source: WABetaInfo

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