The 10 most watched series of the week (09/26/2021)

The month of September is already in the final stretch, but the farewell mood is marked by many news. Many premieres and recent additions to the streaming catalog already appear among the most watched series of the week, which shows that people are getting ready for the October marathons.

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  • The gr

    Y: The Last Man

    , the Star+’s main bet on its debut in Brazil, is in charge of this. The adaptation of the eponymous comic creates a post-apocalyptic scenario a little different from the one we are used to seeing. Instead of zombies or any other such disgrace, the planet is plagued by a disease that kills only men and we follow the story of a single survivor in a world made up only of women.

    Still speaking on Star+,

    Only Murders in the Building remains firm and strong in popular preference, as well as The Walking Dead


    American Horror Stories, whose episodes are unpublished. being released weekly on the platform.

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    And for those who still doubt the strength of anime, we have two appearances here. In addition to the ever-present Dragon Ball Z, the debut of


    on Netflix made the orange-haired shinigami saga guarantee a spot among the most watched series of the week.

    It is worth remembering that there is still no official tool to make this measurement of movie audience in streaming and video on demand services and that the best way to do this measurement is from JustWatch, a platform that helps users find what to watch and in which streaming content is available .

    So, based on these data, we arrived at an approximate ranking of which were the most watched series of the week in Brazil.

    . Icarly

    The nostalgia continues to speak loudly and iCarly

    appears among the most watched series for another week. The children’s sitcom has returned after almost ten years with most of its original cast and returning to the same atmosphere as before. It is a beautiful tribute to the program and a thank you to the fans who spent a lot of time begging for this return.

    The only news is the absence of Jannette McCurdy does not return to play the character Sam Puckett. That’s because she took a break from her acting career and even said she’s ashamed of the roles she played as a teenager — including her own

    iCarly. But fans disagree, as the show’s presence on our list shows.

    The new

    iCarly is available on Paramount+ and Oi Play.

    9. Bleach

    The story of the teenager who becomes a shinigami — a kind of entity in Japanese culture that takes souls to the beyond—it has returned to the Netflix catalog and this has motivated many people to revisit the supernatural adventure. And although


    follows the formula of fighting animes to the letter, it brings charismatic characters, a very beautiful animation and full of style and an amazing soundtrack that it’s impossible not to get hooked on.

    In summary, Ichigo Kurosaki’s saga is almost like a mix of Zodiac Knights


    YuYu Hakusho

    , in which he and his companions go to the world of souls and need to overcome the 10 Soul Society captains in order to save a friend. From there, it’s a lot of beating, special powers and weapons turning into completely insane things.

    On Netflix,

    Bleach is available until the fifth season. However, those who prefer to follow the full story can check out the more than 300 episodes on Crunchyroll.

    8. Your Honor

    After Breaking Bad

    , each and every series starring Bryan Cranston deserves our attention. And

    Your Honor

    brings the actor in a role quite different from his Mr. White, but equally tense. In this plot, he plays a judge who is forced to confront his own convictions in relation to Justice and his work to save his son.

    This is because the teenager not only ran over and killed a person in a traffic accident, but because that victim was part of a powerful organized crime family. And that’s where he needs to balance both his legal duty with his efforts to prevent it from ending up costing his son’s life.

    Your Honor

    is exclusive to Prime Video.

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    7 . Final Space

    With the end of

    Rick and Morty

    , a lot of people sought out a new sci-fi and politically incorrect animation to go along with — and Final Space

    has become the haven for these orphans. The cartoon tells the story of a human sentenced to a space prison after causing a huge tragedy in a star fleet, but who allies himself with a small and friendly alien capable of destroying planets.

    From this partnership, they start to travel through the galaxies to discover the secrets of the universe while trying to save it.

    The three seasons of Final Space

    are available on Netflix.

    6. Dragon Ball Z

  • The classic anime Dragon Ball Z

    remains firm and strong and shows that the otaku are really passionate about Goku’s saga and continue to review the series even though she has been replayed to exhaustion on TV. It’s worth remembering that the anime was completed in 340, but that doesn’t stop fans from seeing and review each of the almost 300 episodes of the saga.

    Perhaps the announcement that a new movie is on the way has triggered nostalgia and motivated her to revisit the battle of the Sayajins. Anyway, a classic is always a classic.

    You can watch Dragon Ball Z at Oldflix.

      Kamehameha! You 10 most memorable episodes of Dragon Ball Z

    5. Bones

    Another classic that appears on our list of most watched series of the week,

    Bones is one of those procedural stories that we love mainly because of the dynamics of its protagonists. The plot of the forensic anthropologist who helps the FBI in several investigations into the remains of victims is interesting, but it is the relationship between the protagonist and the arrogant agent who doesn’t understand much about science that spices up each of the episodes.

    Because it’s a slightly older series — the first season is from 2021 —, the pace of the story is quite different from the plots we are used to seeing today. but if you just want an uncompromised plot to marathon, the 13 Seasons of


    are a great choice — and they’re all available on Star+ and Now.

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  • 4. The Walking Dead

    THE saga of the survivors of this world taken by zombies proves why it is a phenomenon and remains present in our list of most watched series. Of course the tension and quality of the stories counts for a lot, but there is also the fact that the 11 Season and finale has finally arrived — although it’s exclusive to Star+. The Walking Dead

    is finally moving towards its conclusion and a lot of people are wrapped up in the story and ready to say goodbye to these characters after so long .

    In addition to Disney’s new streaming service,

    The Walking Dead

    is available on Netflix, on Now and on Oi Play.

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    3. American Horror Story

    The Brazilian is still immersed in a good horror story and American Horror Story is the darling in this regard, even more so with the tenth season debuting on Star+, allowing us to have new scares to follow. The good news is that, as the show works in an anthology format, you can check out the other seasons in isolation and still enjoy the scary atmosphere according to the theme you prefer.

    In addition to Star+, American Horror Story

    is available on Globoplay and Now.

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    two. Only Murders in the Building

    With extremely charismatic characters,

    Only Murders in the Building is one of the biggest successes of Star+ in its debut in Brazil. Starring Selena Gomez, Steve Martin and Martin Short, the comedy tells the story of three strangers who find themselves involved in a crime in the middle of New York. After the mysterious death of a neighbor, they need to incarnate the detectives and find out what happened.

    The highlight here is the chemistry of the actors, which makes this mixture somewhat unusual Casting works so well that it traps the viewer episode by episode.

    Only Murders in the Building

    is an exclusive series of Star+.

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    1. Y: The Last Man

    Base from the classic HQ,

    Y: The Last Man brings a very curious premise. A mysterious disease ravages the world and kills all mammals with the Y chromosome — that is, all men die overnight, causing the planet to be inhabited only by women.

    And it is in the midst of this new reality that we follow Yorick (Ben Schnetzer) and his monkey, the only two males to survive the mysterious disease and who will now have to explore this completely new and reorganized world.

    Y: The Last Man

    has just debuted on Star+ with weekly episodes.

    Source: JustWatch

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