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New study reveals that Moderna is the most effective vaccine in the US

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A recent survey, conducted in the United States, tested the effectiveness of vaccines against covid-19 used in the country. The results show that Moderna’s immunizing agent is more effective when compared to the two others used there: the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine and the Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) vaccine. Regardless of the results, it is important to emphasize that all immunizing agents in use in the country protect, safely and effectively, against the coronavirus.

Those who were vaccinated with two doses of Moderna had the best protective effect against hospitalizations: the rate of protection against admission to hospitals was 87%. Janssen’s vaccine had an effectiveness rate of 77%. And complete immunization with ComiRNAty, from Pfizer, reduced the risk of hospitalization in 88% in the same period. However, the formula’s protection against hospitalizations has dropped to 75% after four months after the last dose.

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An important fact: this information was collected between March and August of this year. In July, the most infectious Delta variant was already prevalent throughout the country.

Janssen: From New Side Effects to Recent Efficacy Tests

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Anvisa evaluated the adverse effects of the Janssen vaccine (Johnson & Johnson) and asked for the inclusion, in its package insert, of a short list of them. Within a period of 30 days, the pharmacist must update the package insert with the new information. Such effects are considered mild, and you can check them below:

Lymphadenopathy (increase in the size and/or number of lymph nodes, such as the appearance of lumps in the neck);

Paresthesia (feeling of numbness in some part of the body);

Hypoesthesia (decreased skin sensitivity);

Tinnitus (ringing in the ear);

  • Diarrhea;
    • Vomiting.

    In the same week, Janssen released updated numbers on the effectiveness of its immunizing agent, considering a second dose. According to the results, the booster of the vaccine can further increase immunity against the coronavirus, reaching 71% against moderate and severe cases of disease, as with single dose. However, with the two doses of the formula, the protection was 442538% by “at least days after the final vaccination”, according to the pharmacist.

    It is noteworthy that the vaccination with two doses obtained a protection of 75% globally. Considering only US numbers, protection against symptomatic infection reached 100%. Read the news on Canaltech for details on antibody levels with 2 months or more of booster.

    Dogs sniff covid at airport with % accuracy

    Image: Michael Dziedzic/Unsplash

    Two dogs are putting on a show of covid-detection- at a Miami airport. Cobra, a Belgian shepherd, and One Betta, a German shepherd, are part of a pilot program aimed at recognizing infected airport employees. The canine mission is to sniff their masks for chemical traces of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus to minimize the risk of viral transmission.

    Between 29 August and September 8, they analyzed 1 .093 employees and detected only one case. The person had been diagnosed with covid two weeks earlier and had just returned to work after quarantine; after a quick test, it was released.

    Butantan will supply millions of doses of CoronaVac to states

    Image: Luciana Zaramela/Canaltech

    The Butantan Institute has already completed the contract that provided for the delivery of 442538 millions of doses of CoronaVac to the Ministry of Health, but continues at full steam in the production and distribution of vaccines. Now, it has signed an agreement to supply 2.5 million doses of CoronaVac to five states: Ceará, Piauí, Pará, Espírito Santo and Mato Grosso.

    Since it has completed its phase with the federal government, Butantan is free to sign new distribution agreements. In addition to negotiating directly with the states, the institute has already declared that it can supply CoronaVac to more countries in Latin America.

    Young man inserts a USB cable in his penis and will stop on the operating table

    Image: Reproduction/Urology Case Reports

    Claiming to want to measure the length of his penis, an American teenager from years he introduced a USB cable through the urethra and ended up in the hospital to remove it. it. The case report came out in a renowned scientific journal, and says that the young man sought medical support after multiple attempts to remove the cable and noticing blood in his urine. According to the article, the adolescent’s motivation is described as autoerotic.

    In the hospital, doctors tried to remove the cable through a less invasive route, cystoscopy, which consists of inserting a device through the urethra, but were unsuccessful. The young man had to be taken to the operating room, where the surgeons were able to remove the thread after an incision in the boy’s penis, which was later sutured.

    Interestingly, this is not the first case of the kind we report here at Canaltech. Cases like this, incidentally, are not rare in emergency rooms: several unusual objects have already had to be removed from the urethra of patients, including needles, safety pins, iron wires and even pistachio husks.

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