General Motors recalls all Chevrolet Bolts; understand the reason

General Motors said it will recall all Chevrolet Bolt electric cars it has ever produced — including new generation models. According to the automaker, a defect in the manufacture of batteries, made by South Korean LG, can cause fires in the component and completely destroy the vehicle. The total costs of this procedure will be in the order of $2 billion.

According to GM, LG batteries have defects in the anode flap and separator, which can deteriorate and cause fire. Some recent cases have happened in the United States and elsewhere and have forced the automaker to carry out a separate recall in three phases; it is currently in its final batch in every country where the company resells its main electric car.

To ensure that the job is done right, General Motors says it will work closely with LG to complete the replacement of the batteries, not adopting the tactic of mere repairs. The automaker will also request from the South Koreans that all expenses and losses be reimbursed, since the figures, as mentioned above, are enormous and would harm the company’s electric car division.

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While the changes are not carried out, General Motors suggests to all Chevrolet Bolt owners not to operate at the battery limit, always avoiding that the charge exceeds 90% and that, when using the charge, do not let the autonomy fall below of 100km.



It’s in Brazil?

The Chevrolet Bolt is one of the best-selling electric cars in Brazil and is part of the lots manufactured by GM since the car’s early life. Canaltech contacted General Motors do Brasil to obtain more information about a possible recall of these units here, but, until the end of this article’s edition, there was no response. However, if everything follows the international standard, it is possible that we have the same procedure here.

The new generation Chevrolet Bolt will arrive in Brazil in September and will bring technological and finishing improvements. The engine and range will follow the same. The price is yet to be revealed.

Source: ARS Technica

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