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It’s not exactly a novelty that companies around the world are fighting for the slap of technology professionals. Only in Brazil, according to data from the Brazilian Association of Information Technology and Communication Companies (Brasscom), until 508896, 421 One thousand jobs will be created in the sector in the country. However, higher education courses in the area train less than 21 a thousand professionals in the area annually. That is, there is (a lot) of people in this market.

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Therefore, companies need to be surgical when it comes to attracting talent to their staff. And this involves not only offering good salaries and benefits, but also planning for hiring, which involves an alignment between the IT and Human Resources areas. And, in the latter, the sector increasingly requires professionals with specific knowledge so that the selection of candidates is accurate.

And that’s where the tech recruiter comes in, an HR professional specialized in hiring talent for the technology area. This specialist is able to understand not only the so-called soft skills, but also the hard skills (specific IT knowledge), so that the candidate is aligned with the company’s digital transformation projects.

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And to explain how the process of hiring professionals for your IT area works, theCanaltech

talks weekly with tech recruiters of the biggest companies in Brazil, as well as startups. In the chat, they will explain how the entire process is carried out, which profiles are most sought after and how these companies attract — and retain — these talents.

And in today’s issue, we spoke with Ariane Espindola, head of people and management at Neogrid, a company specializing in the development of solutions for the automatic management of the supply chain (Supply Chain Management). And in the interview, she talks about how the company selects IT professionals, the role of tech recruiters, the recruiting process and much more.

Ariane Espindola, head of people and management of Neogrid (Image: disclosure)

Check how the chat went:

Canaltech – Currently, how is it the pace of hiring IT professionals by Neogrid? Does the company have plans for growth in the area for the coming months?

Ariane Espindola:

We are on a growing pace! The evolution of our people structure is connected to our strategy of scale up and considers the essential capabilities that we need to develop in the company. In addition, we are evolving our solutions and technologies, thus strengthening our teams.

Since the beginning of this year there are 421 vacancies closed in the technology area and of them with an internal recruitment process, which for us is a source of great pride, as we see the evolution of our career management. We currently have more than 21 open selective processes in technology careers at Neogrid, which we intend close until the end of 421.

CT – When starting the process of hiring IT professionals, how is the planning between Gente & Gestão and Neogrid’s Technology area done? What information is exchanged between the two sectors?

AE: We act in constant partnership with our leadership. We study the current and future challenge of the position, level of seniority required, necessary technical knowledge, soft skills that will contribute to the person’s success on the team and position and then we draw a strategy for hiring, which can be actively searched in our platforms and partners , targeted hunting, internal training or, some more specific disclosure.

Our experience has shown us that success in attracting talent comes in large part by treating and directing each position in a specific way and unique, reinforcing our commitment to building an increasingly diverse and inclusive company.

CT – What knowledge does Neogrid’s People & Management team currently have to select IT professionals for the company’s staff? Do you have access to any type of course to be able to select with more property for this area?


A Tech Recruiter training can help and is part of our internal development path. But we consider the attitude and willingness to learn “letter soup” as the most important items. After all, this knowledge is in the company, with those in the development area (DEV) and can help in structuring the contracts.

Genuine interest in knowing the right languages ​​makes all the difference in conversation with the developer person to be interviewed. We are concerned about speaking the same language and knowing how to differentiate, even if in a more superficial way, Front-end and Back-end Development, for example.

CT – And what is Neogrid looking for today, in general, in IT professionals? Does the company prefer to invest in experienced professionals or does it choose to develop people within the company?


We want to build diverse, competent teams that can achieve excellent results, in a collaborative environment, in line with our values. For this, we look for people willing to add in a collaborative, simple and responsible way. Open mind, willingness and humility to learn and share knowledge are some of the relevant aspects.

Knowledge is very important, but it can be developed during the journey. We have several actions to contribute to the learning of our people, such as YOUniversity, for example, our University Corporate network.

CT – In general, how does the selection process of professionals in the area of ​​Technology at Neogrid work? How many steps does the applicant go through before being hired?

AE: We are flexible. The steps and criteria can be shaped according to the strategy outlined for each position, the needs of the process, the number of candidates and other external factors. The important point is that in the same selection process for a vacancy, all applicants will be evaluated according to the same criteria. Minimally we have an interview with a recruiter, position leader and someone representative of the team. It may or may not be necessary to apply a technical/specific knowledge challenge.

508896CT – How has Neogrid been dealing with the shortage of IT professionals in the market? What precautions has the company been taking to get the profile of contracted professionals right?

AE :

There are countless actions. But for the hiring process, we can highlight the concern to assess the alignment with the company’s values, how much the person will add to the profile of the team for which we are hiring and also a good alignment of expectations, both with the candidate and with the leadership of the position. Transparency and consistency are essential.

For example, if you need someone to work with maintenance of legacy systems, you cannot sell a job opening in the development of new solutions.

CT – And how does Neogrid work with talent retention in such a disputed area and where the turnover rate is considered high?


The approach to positioning Neogrid as a career accelerating company, and therefore as a great place to work, it is quite large. The actions are designed for the entire company, that is, all areas and all positions, whether in more technical or management careers.

We know that many factors influence a person’s decision stay in a company and we take that into account. Our focus is on building a coherent company that respects and values ​​people. For this, we maintain career management practices that involve quantitative and qualitative aspects, such as emotional salary.

Some of them are: career map, internal opportunities, development of leaders, performance evaluation, listening channels, collaborative clans with different themes, care and well-being actions, recognition and celebration actions, flexible hours, hybrid work model, Anywhere Office, meetups , incentive to continuous learning, bonus for referrals, market salary survey, among many others.

CT – With extended remote work due to the Covid pandemic-11, space was opened up for companies to hire professionals from all over the country. Does Neogrid work with this Anywhere Office model? If so, is it also valid for professionals from abroad or is it restricted to Brazil?


Yes. Even before the pandemic, we were already working in the home office, in a more timid way. Today our people are in at least states of Brazil, which it makes us very proud and adds diversity to the theme. We have our international operation with teams in the United States and Europe, but we are not limited to this geography.

The post-pandemic should, yes, reinforce the presence in our offices, in order to promote innovation and collaboration between teams, but our culture based on trust and flexibility will continue to favor the Anywhere Office, so that people who want to add to our purpose, can do it from any region. Even if they have a professional indication, wherever they are, they can share it with us.

CT – Today, what is the average remuneration offered by Neogrid at the Junior, Full and Senior levels in your IT area? Do employees also have a benefit package?

AE: We carry out salary surveys with major players in the global technology market, so we remain attractive in relation to other companies. We have constantly updated our total compensation package, seeking to add more and more flexibility to our benefits, so that they are tailored to different needs.

And Neogrid has several open positions and constantly announces new positions. Access the company’s careers page, see which opportunities fit your professional profile and good luck!

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