Flash words from German Chancellor Merkel: We cannot continue without the USA

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who made a statement after the G7 Leaders’ Meeting, which came together via video conference today to discuss the situation in Afghanistan, stated that the G7 leaders should continue to work together on the evacuation operations in Afghanistan and said, “I have to emphasize that the United States is leading the way here. “We cannot continue evacuations without the United States, this needs to be clarified,” he said.

Emphasizing that the G7 should act together on Afghanistan, Merkel said, “Every nation’s doing their own job will not help anything. The evacuation was accomplished with a great cooperation.”

Calling on the leaders of the G7 to adopt a common approach in relations with the Taliban, Merkel said that the G7 has formed a group within itself that will prepare an action plan for future relations with the Taliban. Merkel also stated that communication with the Taliban should be established.

“It is clear that we want to continue evacuations for as long as possible, but as long as the security situation allows, we can continue the evacuations, but at the moment the security situation is very difficult,” Merkel said.

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