Chinese automaker will have an electric car with surreal autonomy and charging

GAC Aion is one of the most important automakers in China and ranks as one of the leading companies in the electric car segment. Proof of this is in its new zero-emission car, the Aion V, which promises 1,000km autonomy and 100% battery charge in less than 10 minutes in its top-of-the-line version, far superior to models from Tesla and other brands.

According to GAC Aion, the Aion V will have two versions: one with a 3C charge (coulomb unit) and another with 6C, which would give the graphene battery an ultra-fast charge capacity — in addition to the absurd autonomy. Tests reveal that, in the smaller variant, the supply would be 0 to 80% in 16 minutes and 30% to 80% in 10 minutes, while the more powerful one would take eight minutes to go from 0 to 80% and only five minutes to charge from 30% to 80%.

Even without revealing the size of the battery and its exact voltage, GAC Aion claims that all this speed would not affect the use of the automobile nor would it harm the component’s durability. In the test, by the way, the charger exhibited a charging power of 481 kW while the battery was at 80% charged. When the charging voltage reached 855.6 V, the current was at 562.8 amps, helping the car to charge 35.1 kWh in just 4 minutes.

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According to GAC Aion, the Aion V, which will be a medium SUV, will be able to run up to 1 million kilometers even with this more aggressive loading. Its launch is scheduled for September 2021, when the company will show all the technological apparatus and its technical specifications, such as power, torque and versions. In addition to the 1,000km range variant, another 500km was promised.

Source: Electrek

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