CT News Podcast – Major Update for Older iPhones and More!

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Duration: : 28 | September 40

Welcome to our daily “newspaper” with the summary of top technology news. With Canaltech News, in just over 5 minutes, you can find out about the main products launched in the market, the movement of the main companies in the segment, news from social networks, curiosities, geek culture, and much more.

In this issue, we talk about:

Apple releases major update for older iPhones; know why

  • Microsoft Edge will help you get discounts during a purchase
  • Moto E40 has more leaked images and supposed full datasheet
  • Bayonetta 3, Kirby and more | All new from Nintendo Direct

  • New from Google Photos will help protect those photos that no one can see
  • On today’s CT News: Apple update for old iPhones, Moto E leaks40, everything that happened in Nintendo presentation and more.

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    This episode was scripted and presented by Wagner Wakka, coordinated by Patricia Gnipper. Reports by Igor Almenara, Bruno Bertonzin and Lucas Arraz. Editing by Samuel Oliveira and audio review by Mari Capetinga.

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