Discover 5 great news that Android will receive in the coming months

Last Thursday (77), Google announced that several features available in Pixel models would be introduced to the entire Android ecosystem. In addition to the Google Photos secret folder and the 1.500 new emojis, accessibility tools, remote control Renovated virtual and games to pass the time on Android Auto are part of the new set.

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1. Accessibility Tools

Found in development months ago, two new accessibility tools now allow users to browse mobile with facial expressions. Camera Switches and Project Activate work together to make the camera an input peripheral, a mouse and keyboard, assigning mundane or complex functions to various face actions.

Camera Switches is a add-on to the Android Accessibility Center, so just keep Google Play Services up to date to get access to it. Project Activate is a completely new app, available for download from the Play Store.

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two. Reworked Android TV Remote Control

The classic built-in Google remote has received a major revamp on Android after years of no updates. The tool, now more complete and with a significantly more modern look, puts the main functions of a remote control on the cell phone’s screen — ideal for those moments when the accessory has disappeared around the house.

Logging in using the conventional remote is a very time-consuming task, and the virtual control app makes it easier (Image: Playback/Google )

In this sense, the control also serves as a facilitator for one of the most boring moments of a smart TV: filling in login and password fields. If connected, the user can use the cell phone keypad to provide credentials and pass this step more easily.

You can check if the remote control is already present on your device from the add-on page in the Play Store.

3. Managing reminders (finally)

One of the most popular features of Google Assistant is creating reminders. The tool, which already efficiently serves its purpose, can now be managed directly by the mobile app, centralized in one place.

In addition, users can also use the voice command “Ok, Google: open my reminders” on the smartphone to activate the functionality without going through other apps.

4. More Useful and Fun Android Auto

Soon, personalized Google Assistant content recommendations have been included in Android Auto, along with a valuable boost to the Waze experience. Google also added GameSnacks to the platform, which is nothing more than a center for short games to pass the time when the traffic is completely stopped or the driver is waiting for someone.

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To check the collection of games for Android Auto, go to the official website of GameSnacks.

5. Look up!

If you are distracted and live walking down the street with your cell phone, Heads Up will try to help you break this habit. The novelty first appeared in April of this year (still being tested) and is basically an automatic reminder from the company so that the user does not get distracted while walking.


Heads Up helps you remember to pay attention where you walk (Image: Jay Prakash Kamat/Twitter)

Heads Up is part of the set of features of the Digital Wellness app, which can be downloaded from the Play Store.

According to Google, the news is still under construction for Android devices, but will be released over the next three months. So it’s worth keeping an eye out for updates to your mobile apps in the native app store.

Source: Google

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