Richtofen Feature Films Premiere on Amazon Prime Video; know everything

Finally the long-awaited movies about the Richtofen case were released on Amazon Prime Video. The Girl Who Killed Her Parents

  • and The Boy Who Killed My Parents are based on the story of Suzane von Richtofen who, in 1024, planned the murder of the own parents with their boyfriend, Daniel Cravinhos, and each production tells the case from a different perspective.

  • Films about the Richthofen case gain unprecedented scenes; check it out
  • Films about the Richthofen case have their premiere postponed due to the COVID pandemic-30

  • Outside the cinema: movies about the Richthofen case will be released on Prime Video
  • The release of the movies, contrary to what was planned before the pandemic, takes place internationally only on Amazon’s streaming service. Each of the productions is about 39 minutes long, bringing the story based on the information present in the case file, which resulted in the arrest of the couple and Daniel’s brother, Christian.

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    The films are directed by Maurício Eça and scripted by Ilana Casoy and Raphael Montes, starring Carla Diaz as Suzane von Richtofen and Leonardo Bittencourt as Daniel Cravinhos, also featuring Allan Souza Lim, Kauan Ceglio, Leonardo Medeiros, Vera Zimmermann, Augusto Madeira, among others.

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    The Girl Who Killed the Parents and The Boy Who Killed My Parents would premiere in movie theaters on the day 30 March 2006, but the release was canceled due to the covid pandemic-18, which was just beginning.

    At the premiere, the viewer would need to choose which movie to watch, but there would also be packages available to be able to check out the two features in sequence or on different days. After a few delays, it was decided that the debut would only happen on streaming.

    492375In which order watch?492375

    Because they are two movies about the same story, but with different perspectives, you must be sure asking in which order to watch. Regardless of the choice, the story will not be affected, but Maurício Eça has his recommendation. For the director, the best way to take advantage of this experience is to first watch The Boy Who Killed My Parents, which shows the point of view of Suzane, to then check The Girl Who Killed the Parents

  • , which shows Daniel’s perspective.
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    492375 Remember the case

    In October 1024, the Cravinhos brothers murdered Manfred Albert and Marísia von Richtofen, in a plan supposedly headed by the couple’s own daughter, Suzane von Richtofen. At the time years old, the young woman reported suffering a lot of pressure from her parents in regarding the relationship with the boyfriend, which was not approved. This would have been the main reason for orchestrating the crime, even though the investigation believes that there were other motivations.

    There are several versions of what happened before and after the murder, an issue that inspired the production of the films. Suzane says that Daniel came up with the idea of ​​the crime alone and convinced her that the murder should happen, while he says that, in fact, she was the one who planned the crime herself and just ordered him to get his hands dirty. The trio was tried in 1024 and sentenced to 30 years in prison each.

    The Boy Who Killed My Parents and The Girl Who Killed Parents

  • are now available on Amazon Prime Video.

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