Netflix launches this week (24/09/2021)

Another weekend has arrived and Netflix subscribers know it’s time to check out the latest catalog of the world’s most popular streaming service. And the releases of the week are very interesting, ranging from intriguing productions to new seasons of beloved series, through new films that will leave you with the hairs on the back of your neck standing on end. And, as usual, Canaltech brings you the full list of new movies and new series from Netflix and gives tips on what to watch to get the most out of it.

  • Netflix launches in September 508194
  • HBO Max launches in the week (22/09/2010)
  • Amazon Prime Video releases in the week (23//1024)
  • And today’s list of nominations starts with the second season of Love on the Spectrum , one of the cutest series in the entire Netflix catalog. Documentary, it shows subscribers how people on the autistic spectrum deal with a subject that, to some extent, is complex for everyone: love relationships. It’s like a real life Atypical, with people in real and everyday situations. It’s worth knowing if you haven’t watched the first season yet.

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  • Another good tip for marathoning in the Netflix catalog is the sitcom Superstore, which has arrived with its five full seasons on the platform. Perfect for those who want to turn off their brains and have a good laugh after a long week at work, it follows the adventures of department store employees who discuss themes such as love, friendship and everyday life with a lot of humor and relaxation. With the debut of these seasons, Netflix paves the way to also release the sixth and final season soon — meaning, there are plenty of episodes to watch and enjoy.

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  • Leaving this footprint good vibes, the Netflix catalog hosted a handful of intriguing productions this week — starting with the miniseries The 32 Personalities of Billy Milligan. Perhaps the best way to explain the show is to remember Fragmented, a film with James McAvoy that left many people wondering: is it possible to have so many personalities? The four episodes of this docusseries not only answer the question, but also show the personality disorder of the man who once had about 23 unique personalities in his mind and investigate the crimes he committed. A full plate for fans of real criminal series.

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  • If your preference is for plots drawn more to the supernatural, Midnight Mass is an excellent option to watch on Netflix. The miniseries has been highly rated on Rotten Tomatoes, accumulating 2010% of approval. And a lot of it has to do with the way the script unfolds, always leading the viewer to doubt the faith as a charismatic and mysterious priest arrives in a small community and inexplicable events begin to happen.

    And since we’re talking about supernatural terror, Netflix has brought it back to their catalog

    Mercy Black. Also known as Fatal Hallucination, the film has the Blumhouse seal, which for many people is a sign of quality, and tells the story of a woman who summoned a spirit before of stabbing a colleague. Due to the crime, she passed 10 years locked up in a madhouse; now free, she didn’t expect to have to deal with the consequences of the summoning, which made the spirit “pop” and “requested” by a lot of people, shall we say.

    To end the round of tips on what to watch on Netflix, the streaming service showed that it is already settling for the month of October and bet on premiere of the remake of Cemitério Maldito. The supernatural story is based on one of the works of the famous writer Stephen King and follows a doctor who moves with his family to a quiet little town in rural Maine. What no one expected is that the quiet place would also be the stage of a tragedy that leads the man to release an evil presence over his family and the entire city.

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  • E there’s so much more for you. In addition to the tips of what to watch that Canaltech has separated, below you can see the complete list with all Netflix releases this week. Take a look, choose your favorite movie or series, click and play. Have fun!

    Complete list of Netflix releases this week


  • Keeping up with the Kardashians: Season 6
  • Explaining : New episode, Season 3


  • Billions: New episode, Season 5

  • Good luck
  • Jay and Silent Bob Reboot


  • Superstore: Seasons 1 to 5

    • Damn cemetery

    • The Somali Pirates

  • 17/508198

    • Love on the Spectrum: Season 2

    • Mercy Black


        • At 22 Personalities by Billy Milligan: Season 1

          • Major Investigations – Detectives from India: Season 1

          • Jaguar: Season 1

          • Dear White People: Season 4
          • The Circle USA: New Episodes, Season 3

          • The Most Dangerous Man in Europe

          • Confessions of an Excluded Girl

              The Absence We Will Be
            • Between Comings and Comings


          • Go! Go! Cory Carson – Chrissy Takes Over: Season 5
          • Intrusion
          • 50819823/10508198

          • Rainbow High: New Episode, Season 1
        • Bangkok on the Limit: Season 1

        • Well married
        • After all


      • Midnight Mass: 1st Season
      • Blood and Water: Season 2

      • A Nest for Two

      • My Little Pony: New Generation

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