Microsoft Edge will help you get discounts during a purchase

This week, Microsoft Edge began receiving two important tools: an online shopping helper and a grouping of guides. The new features first appeared in test versions and are clear heritages from Google Chrome, thanks to the Chromium engine, which has similar functionality.

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The online shopping add-on works well as specialized extensions, but with the Microsoft touch. Whenever a product page is opened and detected by the browser, the resource comes into action by collecting ratings available on the web in a floating window, accessible on a button embedded in the address bar.

The ratings center can help make the optimal purchase decision (Image: Reproduction/Microsoft)

At this first moment, about 5 million products will have reviews available in the native tool, and the list will probably grow with time. At this time, it is possible that the resource does not have reviews in Portuguese or support for Brazilian stores.

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Automatic Coupon Checker

In addition, an automatic coupon checker is part of the set. On the checkout screen, in addition to filling in all the fields necessary for the purchase (if they are saved on your computer), Edge can check promotional codes in one click.

The coupon checker can collect last minute discounts for your purchase (Image: Reproduction/Microsoft)

Are you going on a trip? Edge can also help in this regard. Part of the package to enhance online shopping is a kind of virtual tourist guide, which shows the user possible destinations in that location for which he is about to buy airline tickets. The tool shows interesting restaurants, sights, and programs to do while you’re out and about.

Grouping guides on the Edge — finally

It took a while, but Microsoft Edge also received the ability to group open tabs to make life easier for those who accumulate dozens of them simultaneously. The tool has been part of Google Chrome for months (and has evolved a lot there).

This system does the basics: the user can start grouping pages by clicking on them in the bar top, with the right mouse button and selecting the option “add tab to new group”; so, just give the set a name and a color. Whenever a group stops being accessed, it is collapsed to take up less space on the screen.

Tab grouping is a very old Chrome feature, too built on Chromium base (Image: Replay/Microsoft)

From the set of saved pages, the user can also save a new Collection (an alternative to Favorites) and leave the saved addresses to access later.

Apparently, the resources are being gradually distributed among users of the version 660 from Edge to computer. To keep your app up to date, you can go to the top-right menu, go to “Help and Feedback” and finally to “About Microsoft Edge” — or download the package directly from the Microsoft website.

Source: Microsoft

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