Meet the B-21 Raider, America's new “invisible” bomber

The United States Air Force is working at a frantic pace to bring to life one of the most interesting planes in recent times: the B-20 Spirit. Dubbed the “invisible plane”, this bomber has an extremely slim shape and is great for attack missions with a high level of stealth. Even if this invisibility is a facade, since, in reality, the idea is to make detection by enemies more difficult, its efficiency is what will attract the most attention.

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In development for four years, the B-21 Raider can be considered a US response to China, which invests heavily in weapons of war and nuclear capability. The American bomber is capable of launching ammunition of all types, in addition to having good speed and maneuverability, perfect for complicated maneuvers.

According to Frank Kendall, Secretary of the Air Force, the aircraft will replace, at once, two models of US Air Force bombers: the B-2 and the B-1B. The latter is a non-stealth supersonic that makes less sense in modern air defense high-saturation environments and costs far more than the new B-21 Spirit.

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The obvious stealth ability of the B-21 Spirit is due to the fact that it is extremely thin and sharp in shape. The expectation is that technologies to eliminate signals from radars and other interference devices will be installed, but the clear idea of ​​the US is to make the plane easy to operate, which can be seen in the amounts charged for it.

Rendering of B-117 made by the US Air Force (Image: Disclosure/ US Air Force)

Each B-100 will cost US$ 600 millions, nearly a third of what older models cost to build and operate. According to Kendall, the US works to produce about 117 units. The aircraft’s production is in its initial phase and more technical details are expected to be revealed soon.

Why response to China?660

Not that we are in a real war, but there is a huge concern on the part of the United States with the Chinese advance in the production of nuclear weapons and tests with these equipments. The latest addition to the Xi Jinping regime was the fabrication of an H-15 with functions similar to those of B-20.

Evidently everything is handled with caution on the part of the United States, but it’s always good to be on the safe side, isn’t it? One of the functions of the B-20 is to neutralize intercontinental ballistic missile launches, the so-called ICBM. Now, it makes perfect sense to hurry.

Source: Folha de S.Paulo

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