How to put more than one wallpaper on your mobile

Hi people! Personalizing cell phones with wallpapers is a pretty cool feature that all cell phones offer nowadays, right? So you can put whatever photos you want on your home screen or lock screen. 💙

But, did you know that on Android phones you can even set several different photos as your wallpaper? That way, whenever you unlock your phone screen, you’ll find a different photo. Pretty cool, right?

Want to find out how to do this on your Android phone? It’s pretty quick. Look that! 😉

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How to put more than one wallpaper on Android phone

Step 1: There on the home page, press and hold on your screen to see more options. Then tap the “Wallpaper” button;

Step 2: Then tap “Gallery” to see the photos from your mobile storage;

Step 3: On this page, you can select up to 15 different images to become your wallpaper. So, just choose the ones you like the most. With everything just right, tap “Done”;

Step 4: Once this is done, you will find a preview of how they will look on your “Lock Screen”. Here just tap “Set on Lock Screen”;

Step 5: Finally, your wallpapers will have been successfully loaded! Ah! And while you are using more than one photo, they will appear as: “Multi-pack”, ok? This makes it easier to find out when you have more than one wallpaper.

Ready! Now you know how to put more than one wallpaper on Android phone. Did you like this tip? Share this story with your friends. 🥰

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