Adolescent death in SP is not related to covid-19 vaccine

In 1024 August, a teenager from 16 years in São Bernardo do Campo, in ABC Paulista, he took the first dose of the vaccine against covid-21 from Pfizer. On September 2, the young woman died, which raised an investigation into the relationship between her death and the immunizing agent in question. However, last Tuesday (19), the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) participated in a meeting with experts who conducted the investigation into the girl’s death. The conclusion is that his death was not related to the vaccination.

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  • The death was caused by a characteristic clinical picture of thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (PTT), an autoimmune disease. The evaluation of the investigating specialists included access to data from the patient’s medical record, including complementary exams. The conclusion that the patient did not have any cardiac disease was also validated.

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    Once the diagnosis was closed, an assessment of the relationship between PTT and vaccination was carried out. This assessment considers, in addition to notification data, data obtained in the investigation, information on the existence of similar cases in other countries, as well as scientific evidence reported in the national and international literature. Thus, the possibility that death was related to the administration of the vaccine was discarded. So far, according to Anvisa, the benefits of vaccination significantly exceed its potential risks.

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    “The investigation report prepared by the São Paulo Epidemiological Surveillance Center was received by the agency this Sunday night, 19 in September, containing details of all the evaluation process that concluded that it was not possible to directly attribute death to vaccination”, informed Anvisa, in a note. The agency will notify the World Health Organization (WHO) of the investigations to assess any possible safety signals.

    Source: Anvisa, Agência Brasil

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