Top 10 Friends episodes

The first episode of Friends debuted on American TV ago 23 years old. Back then, no one knew that Rachel, Ross, Monica, Phoebe, Joey and Chandler would forever change the direction of television, with a fun, emotional and extremely captivating plot that drew millions of people and still does today, almost three decades later .

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  • To celebrate this special date, the Canaltech has prepared a list with the 14 best episodes of Friends for you to see and see in the comfort of your own home. So, prepare the popcorn, reserve your place on the sofa and play the selection we’ve prepared for you.

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    • . The one where no one is ready

      Photo: Reproduction/ IMDb

      Ross (David Schwimmer) has an important speech to give on behalf of the museum he works for and is very nervous for everything to go according to plan. As the title itself gives, he is the only one who shows to be concerned about arriving early at the event, but other priorities of the class end up leaving him totally desperate. Chandler (Matthew Perry) and Joey (Matt LeBlanc) resolve to conflict over an armchair, while Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) delays deciding what to wear, Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) spills food on her dress, and Monica (Courteney Cox) ) freaks out when she hears a message from her ex-boyfriend Richard (Tom Selleck) on her answering machine, not knowing if it’s old or not.

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      Why watch? The entire episode takes place in just a few minutes, with Ross running out of time rushing everyone to get ready, and there’s one of the most iconic scenes where Joey wears all of Chandler’s clothes in revenge for his having stolen your underwear.

      The one that nobody is ready for is the 2nd episode of the 3rd season.

      9. The one with all the wedding dresses

      Photo: Reproduction/IMDb

      Ross is getting ready to marry Emily and Rachel tries to demonstrate to her ex-boyfriend that she is 930% okay with that saying the relationship with Joshua, a young man with whom she only had four dates, she is very serious. Meanwhile, Emily’s chosen dress for the big day isn’t available at the London store, so Ross asks Monica to pick up the right size from the New York unit, since the groom can’t see the dress. Phoebe escorts her to the store and Monica tries on her sister-in-law’s dress, enjoying the feeling of being in a wedding dress. Chandler, in turn, takes Joey to a sleep clinic to try to solve his roommate’s snoring problems. Ross decides to marry Emily in a month, Joshua breaks up with Rachel, who becomes sad and seeks support from her friends.

      Why watch?

        This episode predates Ross’ wedding, which takes place at the end of the season. In addition, he also has an iconic scene from the series, with Monica, Rachel and Phoebe dressed as a wedding on the sofa in Monica’s apartment, as a way to console Rachel’s breakup with Joshua.

        The one with all the wedding dresses is the 10 The 4th episode of season 4.

        8. The one with every Thanksgiving

        Photo: Reproduction/IMDb

        The six friends are reunited after a big meal on Thanksgiving Day and decide to share stories, telling the worst experiences they’ve ever had on the holiday. Monica remembers that her worst Thanksgiving was when she met Chandler, who immediately insulted her to her brother without her knowing it. Chandler, meanwhile, says that his worst experience, other than the holiday when he learned his parents would divorce, was when Monica accidentally cut one of his toes, a year after he mocked Ross for its weight. . Rachel also shares the story where Joey decided to put a turkey on his head in order to scare Chandler.

        Why watch? This is a special episode for those who like the couple “Mondler”. Despite the bad memories they both have of each other from past holidays, it’s in this episode that Chandler says for the first time that she loves Monica, when she decides to apologize for cutting her toe by putting a turkey on her head, also creating one of the scenes most memorable of the series.

        The one with every Thanksgiving day is the 8th episode of season 5.

        7. The one with Ross’s wedding

        Photo: Reproduction/IMDb

        The final episode of season 4 is actually the second part of the story started in 24º. In it, Rachel is on her way to London after realizing that she still loves Ross and doesn’t want him to marry Emily. With the ceremony scheduled for the following day, Rachel boards a last-minute flight hoping to make it to London in time to prevent her lover from making that mistake. Meanwhile, Ross and Monica’s parents argue with Emily’s parents for pushing home improvement bills for the Gellers to pay, Joey misses New York and Phoebe does everything to talk to one of her friends about Rachel’s plan .

        Why watch?

          A number of important events take place in this episode. It’s where Monica and Chandler’s first involvement takes place, still a secret from their friends. Ross calls Emily Rachel during the wedding ceremony, hooking up for the upcoming season. In addition, there is a special appearance in the scene from inside the plane, Hugh Laurie, who although that year had not yet lived the eternal Dr. House, already accustomed us to his characteristic bad mood.

          The one with Ross’s wedding is the 14th episode of the 4th season.

          6. The one from Blackout

          Photo: Reproduction/IMDb

          New York suffers a blackout that lasts for the entire episode and the friends gather in Monica’s apartment waiting for the power to return, except for Chandler, who is trapped in a bank branch with the company of a Victoria’s Secret model, Jill Goodacre . Ross shares with Joey that it may have taken too long to show interest in Rachel, and Joey delivers that his friend is now in the famous friend zone

          . Ross risks failed attempts to open up the game with Rachel, and to keep anyone from getting in his way, Joey ends up making up that his friend is planning a surprise birthday party for Monica. Chandler wants to talk to the renowned model, but stumbles over his own attempts.

          Why watch? The one who supports Rachel and Ross together may enjoy watching the couple’s pre-events, but who ends up stealing the scenes in this episode is Joey, with his spontaneous tirades and attempts to prevent Phoebe and Monica from interfering with Ross talk to Rachel. Not to mention Chandler, who spends the entire episode with mental monologues trying to figure out how to sound interesting to Jill Goodacre.

          That one do Blackout is the 7th episode of the 1st season.

          5. The one where Ross finds out

          Photo: Reproduction/IMDb

          Rachel beat Ross. At least that’s what she says to convince herself. Monica decides to help her, arranging a date with a friend at a fancy restaurant washed down with a lot of wine. Ross and his girlfriend Julie want to adopt a cat together, which makes Rachel very uncomfortable. On the date, Rachel drinks too much and ends up calling Ross, saying that she’s over him, but the message goes to voicemail and she ends up not remembering what she did the next day. Meanwhile, Monica helps Chandler lose weight with exercise and Phoebe vents to Joey trying to figure out why her current boyfriend doesn’t want to sleep with her. Rachel tries to stop Ross from listening to the answering machine, but it’s too late: he discovers that she already had feelings for him.

          Why watch?

            This episode features Rachel and Ross’ first kiss. After breaking up with Julie, Ross goes after Rachel and they end up arguing. He leaves, but turns back and finds her crying over the argument. Without saying anything, the two end up kissing.

            The one where Ross discovers is the 7th episode of the 2nd season.

            4. The one with all the resolutions

            Photo: Reproduction

            Is new Year! The friends decide to make new resolutions and (promise) fulfill them. Monica wants to take more pictures to perpetuate the moments they lived together, Chandler promises not to make fun of friends anymore, Rachel promises not to gossip anymore, Ross wants to do something new every day, Phoebe wants to pilot a commercial jet, Joey wants to learn to play the guitar. Ross decides to buy a pair of leather pants for a date, but ends up sweating too much and not fitting into his clothes and ruining the night, Phoebe tries to help Joey play the guitar with a method that does not allow him to touch the instrument. Rachel ends up finding out about Monica and Chandler, but, in order not to break her promise, she tries to get Joey (who already knows about the couple) to guess what’s going on so the two can talk about it.

            Why watch? The funniest of the episode is watching Chandler’s attempts not to make fun of his friends, especially with the whole situation with Ross and the leather pants. Also, this episode yielded an iconic meme from Ross when everything goes wrong on his date and he exclaims to his friends “This year was supposed to be great!” (This year was supposed to be amazing, in English). It’s also fun to see that Rachel now finds out about Monica and Chandler just a few episodes away from the rest of her friends too.

            That one with all resolutions is the 14th episode of season 5 .

            3. The one where Ross gets high

            Photo: Reproduction/IMDb

            It’s Thanksgiving and Joey and Ross are invited by Janine spending the holiday with her friends, but they have to skip dinner at Monica’s apartment to be able to go. Rachel decides to make a dessert, but due to a small slip in the cookbook, she ends up putting meat and peas along with cream and jam. The Gellers are special guests for the holiday, but Monica hides her relationship from her parents, who dislike Chandler. So that Rachel doesn’t get hurt and redo her entire dessert recipe, Joey asks everyone to pretend it tastes good. Ross ends up telling the real reason why his parents don’t like his brother-in-law, and now, years later, he needs to tell the family the truth.

            Why to watch? This episode is made up of several funny scenes and it’s impossible to choose which is the best: the group pretending Rachel’s dessert is good, Chandler trying to impress the girlfriend’s parents or the scene where the whole truth comes to light and the Gellers discover that the reason they came hating their son-in-law is actually just a lie Ross told as a teenager.

            The one where Ross gets high is the 9th episode of season 6.

            two. The one with the rumor

            Photo: Reproduction/IMDb

            It’s Thanksgiving (again!) and this year will be different: Monica won’t cook turkey and invited Will, a longtime friend, who studied with her in high school. Joey gets angry that she doesn’t cook his favorite dish and Rachel tries, but can’t, to remember her former classmate. Joey then promises he’ll eat the entire meal if Monica cooks the turkey, even though more than half the guests don’t eat meat. When Will arrives, Rachel doesn’t recognize him, but she wonders at the looks her former colleague is giving her. The truth is, Rachel wasn’t at all nice to Will during school term, and it made him hold a lot of grudges against her. Some truths start to appear during the episode, such as the rumor created by Ross and Will about Rachel in high school.

            Why watch? Brad Pitt. That’s why.

            The one with the rumor is the 9th episode of the 8th season.

            1. The one with the marriage proposal

            Photo: Reproduction/IMDb

            Monica wants to be proposed in marriage, while Chandler pretends to hate the idea just to surprise her lover. With that, Richard reappears saying that he still loves his ex-girlfriend and wants to marry and have children with her. Monica is confused and revisits Richard to discuss the idea, rethinking her relationship with Chandler. Meanwhile, Rachel and Phoebe decide to talk about the idea of ​​having a Plan B, someone to marry if they get to 40 single years. Chandler asks Monica to marry him by candlelight.

            Why watch? It’s one of the most emotional episodes of the series and hard not to cry after following the couple’s entire trajectory since the last episode of season four, with a perfect example of a happy ending when everything seems to go wrong.

            The one with the marriage proposal is the 23 Season 6 episode.

            Honorable mentions

            Below we list the episodes that did not fit in the Top , but they could not be left out.

            The one with Ross’ teeth

            Photo: Reproduction/IMDb

            Joey is afraid of losing his manhood after Janine’s changes in your apartment, Chandler encourages his friend to talk to his colleague, but ends up picking up some female habits from his daily life with Monica, now that they live together. Phoebe has to use a copier, and Rachel offers her work. With this, Phoebe ends up with an employee of Rachel’s company, who lies about her name and, to impress her boss, Rachel shares the lie with Kim, her superior. Ross arranges a date and, to impress the girl, whitens his teeth, but ends up whitening them a “little” too much.

            Why watch? It’s fun to see all the friends’ reactions to Ross’ mega-white teeth and how he tries to hide them in their date. The episode has a plot twist very interesting with the situation of Rachel and her boss.

            The One With The Ross Teeth is the 8th episode of season 6.

            The one with the jellyfish

            Photo: Reproduction/IMDb

            The group is at the beach house and the episode starts right where the previous one ended. Ross chooses Rachel’s room and ends up with Bonnie. For the couple to reconcile, Rachel writes a letter with 23 pages, front and back, asking Ross to take full responsibility for his mistakes in their relationship. Ross doesn’t read everything and ends up agreeing with the measures Rachel suggests without knowing what they are about. Chandler, who had offered to date Monica in the previous episode if she dies a “single maid”, continues to play with her friend and create situations of what they could do if they were a couple. On the beach, Monica is burned by a jellyfish and Joey comes up with the idea of ​​healing the burn with urine, as he had seen on a television show. Phoebe is reunited with her mother, who tries to make peace with her daughter.

            Why watch?

              Although the episode revolves a little bit around Rachel and Ross, it’s cute to see Chandler playing with Monica as if they were a couple. Also, the situation created by the jellyfish burn is funny and kept a secret until the end of the episode. Chandler also ends up representing all viewers by saying “oh my God, if you say that one more time, I’ll dump you!” by answering one more “We were taking a break!” of Ross.

              The one with the jellyfish is the 1st episode of the 5th season.

                The one with the graduation video

                Photo: Reproduction/IMDb

            Monica has terrible job interviews and is struggling to pay her rent, Ross encourages her to ask her parents for money. Joey gives Chandler a hideous bracelet as a way to celebrate their friendship, but is hurt when he sees Chandler making fun of the gift to Phoebe and Rachel. The Gellers bring some memories of Monica to their apartment and the friends end up watching an old video of the girls getting ready for the prom.

            Why to watch? This episode is entirely dedicated to the fans of the couple formed by Rachel and Ross, as it was in it that the phrase “You are my lobster” came up, which Ross uses to declare himself to Rachel later. In addition, in the home video watched by the group, at the end, Rachel realizes that Ross was in love with her since high school and so the couple ends up reconciling.

            The one with the graduation video is the one th episode of season 2.

            The one that everyone finds out about


            Photo: Reproduction/IMDb

            Ross tries to fight for the apartment to live closer to the friends and, on a visit, Phoebe finds out about Chandler and Monica’s relationship. Joey is relieved to finally be able to say that he knew about the relationship, but the friends want to have fun with the information and end up setting Phoebe on top of Chandler until he reveals the secret. The couple eventually find out about Rachel and Phoebe’s prank and plan to invest in the setup until they deliver the game. Meanwhile, Ross tries to win the apartment’s selling preference.

            Why watch? Finally, all the friends find out about Chandler and Monica’s relationship. The discovery ends up resulting in cute moments between the couple and the group. In addition, Ross’ attempts to secure “Ugly Naked Guy”‘s apartment yield a good laugh, as do Phoebe’s false advances on Chandler, and vice versa.

            The one that everyone finds out about is the th episode of season 5.

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