Hades has peculiar translation errors on the Brazilian cover

The physical edition of Hades arrived in the Brazilian market with the right to a digital version of the soundtrack, a game booklet and a unusual translation for the cover texts. The box insert features literal (even too many) translations of the game’s descriptions, which made a lot of people think that developer Supergiant Games appealed to Google Translate.

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  • “Challenge the God of the Dead as you hack and destroy the underworld of the Greek myth of this god-like dungeon crawler,” says the synopsis of the back cover of the PlayStation 4 version of the game sold in Brazil. The text translates “hack n’ slash” to “hacks and destroys” and “dungeon crawler” to “dungeon crawler”, unusual expressions for dealing with Hades genres.

    Hades Cover in Brazil has literal translations for game genres (Image: Reproduction/Supergiant Games

  • Translation errors for Portuguese are not only in the box of Hades, as well as in the game. With the repercussion of the booklet, many players went to Twitter to recall other concordance errors found in the game’s location.

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    there is a funny error in the translation of hades that sometimes refer to the zagreo with a female pronoun and for me that’s funny pic.twitter.com/8FsAAtJlPr

    — 💉 eirin loren 💊 – Vtuber BR/EN (@eirinloren) January 6,

Errors may have an explanation. Hades studio employs, in addition to translation professionals, members of the gaming community to work as amateur and unpaid translators. The idea may not only be behind the errors in localization into Portuguese, it may also have caused other episodes of the genre. At the beginning of

, other versions of Hades received criticism similar because of the literal translations in the dialogues in Spanish, French and Chinese.

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According to the website

PC Gamer, Supergiant Games posted a tweet at the time apologizing for errors in the translation. “Our community translators supported the efforts of the professional translators we work with. This reflects how our community reinforced all our efforts during early access and made Hades what he is”, justified the developer. The message has been deleted.

Hades is available for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S. The physical version of the game is available in Brazil for users consoles from Sony and Microsoft.

With information from: Young Nerd, PC Gamer

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