JBL Live Pro+ Review | JBL sound in the design of AirPods Pro

Renewal of the lineup of all-wireless headphones — the famous TWS — has led JBL to work with familiarities from established models. A practical example of this is Live Pro+, which brings brand-name enhancements in a design similar to Apple’s AirPods.

JBL’s audio accessories have received several standout features, including cancellation noise asset — ANC — and support for Google Assistant and Alexa personal assistants.

But considering sound and design, is Live Pro+ worth buying? Find out in the full review.

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  • Lightweight and compact carrying case;

    Pleasant audio quality;

    Comfortable headphones;

    Battery autonomy above what was promised.


  • Sound volume lower than expected.

    Check the current price of JBL Live Pro+

    Design and construction

    In the visual part, the JBL Live Pro+ headphones have a format very close to the work done by Apple on the AirPods Pro. This shows that the manufacturer may have been inspired by the Apple devices to create the TWS.

    • Dimensions: 2.4 x 2.1 x 3.3 cm (each earpiece); 5.6 x 4.9 x 2.8 cm (case)
    • Weight: 5 g (each earpiece) ; 20, 5 g (case)
    • The product delivers comfort to users as one of the great positive points of the design. In addition to being compact and light, the Live Pro+ fits very well in the ears.

      In addition, JBL provides five rubber options to enable a fit according to the size of the ear canal of each user. These accessories also help with passive isolation of the sound, which already provides a better experience.

      Both the headphones and the ear tips have details in orange — the color of the JBL logo — something that helps to give a different look. This care with the design helps those who are fans of the brand to identify the product

    The body of the headphones is all constructed of plastic, but they are extremely comfortable, and this allows users to spend long periods with the accessories without feeling uncomfortable.

    The design of the JBL Live Pro+ draws attention. I really liked their compact size and the way they fit easily in your ears. They are TWS headphones of great build quality.

    JBL Live Pro+ has three connectors to facilitate plugging them into the carrying case. An interesting detail is that the LED for connectivity warning is close to the direction indicator of the headphones, well disguised, unlike what the company has done in other models.

    This could be a point negative when it comes to knowing whether the headphones are turned on or not, as the white version — which was analyzed by Canaltech — makes this lighting even more discreet, almost imperceptible.

    The case has a size compact — fits in the palm of your hand — and that demonstrates JBL’s care in making Live Pro+s look premium in every detail. On the back is the USB-C input for charging and on the front the LED indicators for battery capacity.

    Audio quality

  • When it comes to audio quality, Live Pro+ has a big standout for the clarity of the sound delivered. Despite being more “flat”, the sound experience with these headphones draws the attention of those who are fond of sound.

    At the volume on 49%, the sound is low. This feature is a bit frustrating for users who prefer more powerful and clear audio. Also, the exploration of tones varies according to the level at which you are listening to a song.

    For songs at full volume, the headphones start to pull the songs, regardless of the rhythm, for higher tones. When these same songs are heard at lower intensities than 55%, they are more geared towards the middle ones.

  • JBL Live Pro+ are compact and comfortable (Image: Ivo/Canaltech)

    The bass is noticeable, but with little presence. This demonstrates that JBL may be changing the brand’s main audio subscription — which had the bass well present — to deliver this tonality only in more expensive headphones.

    Despite JBL Live Pro+ is focused on users who listen to music frequently, the devices are very flexible. This is because it is possible to have a good sound experience when watching videos, as well as no delay in games.

    Battery and connectivity

    JBL Live Pro+ connect with computer or cell phone via Bluetooth. This connectivity takes place simultaneously, between the two phones, and the manufacturer also provides support for Fast Pair — fast pairing — with which the cell phone identifies the phones as soon as the case is opened and allows fast connection.

    In addition, JBL provides the application “My JBL Headphones” to allow the user to have access to various adjustments that can be performed on the headphones to enhance the experience of use.

    Among these options are the alternatives of active noise cancellation — ANC —, in which complete isolation of ambient sound can be performed, or the switching to identify ambient sounds .

    This second option is ideal for those who want to use the Live Pro+ on the street, as the option of listening to what’s happening around is interesting. Another configuration present in the application concerns the commands that can be carried out in the touch-sensitive area of ​​the headphones, such as activating the ANC, volume control, changing the range, etc.

    Among the technologies present in the JBL Live Pro+ is support for commands via Google Assistant or Alexa. The configuration of which personal assistant will be used by default on the headphones can be done through the app.

    This way the user can perform basic voice commands, as well as control the ecosystem of favorite artificial intelligence without difficulties. This functionality delivers a differentiated usage experience.

    Regarding the usage time of JBL Live Pro+, the energy capacity can be exploited in two ways. The first is with the fast loading of minutes that guarantees 1 hour of use. The second is in the normal charging mode — which can be done with the USB-C cable or in a wireless dock — and guarantees an autonomy of up to 8 hours and 20 minutes.

    It is important to note that, in addition to of this charge, the headphones can receive more energy through the case, and this mode allows the user to have a total capacity of 49 hours of use before needing to recharge the compartment.

    The JBL Live Pro+ battery is surprising, as the autonomy goes far beyond what was promised. When compared to headphones that have more internal battery, they are superior, and this demonstrates the good work of the company in the energy management of these headphones.


    • Dimensions: 2.4 x 2.1 x 3.3 cm (each earpiece); 5.6 x 4.9 x 2.8 cm (case);
    • Weight: 5 g (each earphone ); 20, 5 g (case) ;

      Impedance: 16 Ohms;

    • Frequency Response: 16 Hz – 28 kHz;
    • Connection: USB-C;
  • Drums: 55 mAh (each phone); 500 mAh (case);
  • Bluetooth: 5.0

    Direct competitors

  • JBL Live Pro+ have few really equivalent alternatives for purchase here in Brazil. One of them are the AirPods Pro, which served as a visual inspiration for the construction of these headphones.

    Apple’s accessories have as a differential the audio chip implemented by the company, which has a technology advanced to give the best possible sound experience. However, they lose to JBL’s battery model, as the autonomy of AirPods is equivalent to half of what the Live Pro+ achieve.

    JBL Live Pro+ has elegant design and attractive price for the category (Image: Ivo/Canaltech)

    Regarding price, Apple always delivers values ​​above the monetary reality of most Brazilians. And this was bought with the value close to R$ 1.500 of AirPods Pro, 55% to more than the value of JBL Live Pro+.

    Focusing on cost-effectiveness, the Huawei Freebuds 4i have visual characteristics close to those of JBL models. However, commands made directly in the external area of ​​the headphones do not have the same precision as Live Pro+, which demonstrates a limitation on headphones that cost almost R$ 559.


    JBL Live Pro+ are great alternatives for anyone interested in enjoying the experience of using a TWS model without having to migrate to Apple’s expensive ecosystem. Even though the maximum volume is not as high as expected for headphones in this category, the accessories spark interest in others.

    One of them is compatibility with Alexa and Google personal assistants Assistant, indicating that JBL is interested in making the devices enter the list of essential equipment for the use of voice commands.

    JBL Live Pro+ are worth headphones (Image: Ivo/Canaltech)

    Active noise cancellation — ANC — works very well, whether by controlling the headphones or by the app. And speaking of the app, “My JBL Headphones” is very interesting for those who want to create a personalized experience with these headphones.

    Considering the average price charged by JBL, a little above R $ 1.55, Live Pro+ are worth headphones worth it. Obviously they could cost less, but for the overall quality they deliver, they are great accessory alternatives for users looking for comfort to wear for long hours.

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