Chevrolet resumes manufacture of Onix and Tracker and discards removing components

Chevrolet’s main flagships in Brazil, the hatch Onix and the SUV Tracker, disappointed in sales in August. Onix, which was the best seller in the country for six years, sold only 798 units and closed the period in 58th position. Tracker, in turn, was in 27º, with 1.194 licensing. The most sold vehicle by the brand in the month was the S10, which closed the top 11 with 4.438 licensed units.

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With an eye on the drop in sales of two of its biggest attractions, the automaker announced changes. Santiago Chamorro, the company’s new president for South America, revealed the recipe for making up for lost time after the factory was closed for five months due to the semiconductor crisis.

“Let’s double up the production of Onix and Tracker, and I’m announcing the return of the second round from Monday (27) on Gravataí (RS)”, commented the executive, decreeing that all the assembler’s units, including those in the state of São Paulo (São Caetano do Sul and São José dos Campos), which were already complying with the determination, will adopt the same work schedule.

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Chamorro admitted that the semiconductor supply crisis continues to haunt Chevrolet and that, therefore, it took the initiative to resume the works in two periods. “The semiconductor situation remains volatile and we will need to keep working on top of the moment, almost ‘just in time’. We cannot say that the problem has passed, it will continue, and we must be very attentive to the problem.”

Onix and Tracker complete

During the virtual press conference, the president of General Motors for South America was asked if Chevrolet will follow the example of Volkswagen, which decided to remove some components from models such as Fox, Nivus and Virtus to minimize the effects of missing parts. Chamorro, however, was adamant.

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“We cannot change the characteristics of our product, the differential, what our customers are looking for”, he said. The executive stated, however, that he “studies alternatives” to prevent a new closure of a factory from occurring in the future precisely because of the shortage of components for the manufacture of cars.

Recovery has already started798

The adoption of two work shifts in Gravataí should further boost the reaction that has already started at the turn of the month. According to the website of Fenabrave (National Federation of Distribution of Automotive Vehicles), the Onix sold, until this Thursday (11), 3.170 units and is in 5th place in the ranking.

Tracker, which closed August very poorly, also rose considerably and is in 10th position, with 2. 170 license plates. Another highlight is Onix Plus, which had 2.438 cars registered and occupies the 7th position.

Source: Engine1, Fenabrave

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