United States claims that Russia launched an armed satellite into Earth orbit

This year, the Air Force Association (AFA) Air Space Cyber ​​Conference was held between days and 20 of September. The conference featured John Raymond, commander general of the US Space Force, who claimed that Russia had launched a “surprise” armed satellite into low Earth orbit, and said the Russian device would be equipped with weapons to destroy vital US satellites for target communication, command and control.

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According to him, this Russian satellite and weapon inside it would have the objective of destroying resources US spacecraft, essential for accurately identifying long-range targets and firing “smart” munitions released from US weapons. “This negates our ability to leverage space as a force multiplier,” the official said.

Raymond claimed that the Russian satellite was produced as a “matrioska”, that is, it has an outer layer that protects a component inside that, when opened, reveals an inner shield , which in turn has a weapon capable of shooting and destroying US satellites at a safe distance.

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In addition to longstanding space and military rivalry, this is not the first time US officials have claimed that the Russians are testing technologies for such purposes. For example, last year, the Russian satellite Kosmos 2543 released an unknown object into orbit, and this object would have been launched close to a Russian satellite, but without interacting with he. Although it did not cause any damage, the Americans claimed that the unknown device was intended to verify that the weapon would get close enough to another satellite to shoot it down, and understood the maneuvers carried out as a show of force by the Russians. .

At the time, Russia did not give credence to these claims. Also last year, the country conducted a ballistic test in which it fired an anti-satellite missile and, for the US Space Command, the procedure proved that Russian weapons pose a potential threat to US satellites, and that Russian missiles manage to destroy low-Earth orbit satellites.

Source: Sputnik News

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