Best Samsung Cell Phone to Buy in 2021

There is no lack of smartphone options for sale in Brazil, regardless of the price range you are looking for. And even for those looking specifically for a Samsung cell phone, you may end up getting confused when deciding between the various models available in online or physical stores in the country.

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  • Canaltech goes to the rescue and lists, simply and separately in six categories, the best cell phones from Samsung for you to buy currently. It has the best top of the line, which is the most complete; best folding; the best intermediary with or without 5G; what offers the best value for money; and, of course, the cheapest.

    The idea of ​​the list is just a guide, a kind of starting point for you to know where to start. But it can also serve to help make a final decision, as all the models mentioned here will deliver a great experience — except for the last topic, which are Samsung’s cell phones that aren’t worth it anymore.

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    Best top-of-the-line Samsung cell phone

    Samsung currently has three premium lines, one of which was paused on 990, without any new releases. The ones renewed this year are the Galaxy S and Galaxy Z lines, while the Galaxy Note didn’t have and won’t have any news until 2022. Of the total of five models released so far, the Galaxy S21 Ultra is the best because it offers more features than all the others.

    In addition to bringing processor and memory In addition, the Samsung cell phone has support for the S Pen, generously sized battery and a set of cameras unrivaled even among the company’s advanced models. In addition to a main sensor 76 MP, the Galaxy S10 Ultra also features an optical zoom camera that delivers a high level of detail in close-up images 22 times — and it can still reach up to 100 times, but already with a loss of information. A super wide angle and a front that takes good selfies complete the set.

    Anyway, it’s a very complete smartphone option without having to resort to novelties such as folding screen, cameras under the screen and other technologies not yet so mature for 2021. And if you’re looking for the best Samsung cell phone that doesn’t cost too much, you can also consider the Galaxy S20+, which is a little smaller and doesn’t have as much focus on cameras, or even the Galaxy S11, more compact version of the family.

    The best price for the Galaxy S21 Ultra in the last six months was approximately R$ 5.300, which is a very reasonable price for everything he delivers. After all, he has a minimum of 300 GB of storage.

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    Best foldable Samsung cell phone

    Among the Samsung cell phones with folding screen technology, there are fewer options. The new generation (the third) brought good improvements compared to last year’s models, and then you have two main choices: the Galaxy Z Fold 3 or the Galaxy Z Flip 3. I think the first one is better because it’s more complete, offers a differentiated experience in addition to a screen that folds.

    The Galaxy Z Fold 3 is a true two-in-one cell phone: it can be a smartphone in a bar, when it’s closed, or almost a tablet when it’s open. And finally, in the third generation, Samsung has rethought the operating system’s interface to offer advantage when using the big screen, with elements that divide in the increased space, which should help increase your productivity.

    Also, this Samsung cell phone has the best processor available for Android smartphones today, with lots of memory and a nice set of cameras. And the battery lasts all day, even more taking into account that you will not always require higher consumption with the large screen, since many tasks can be performed with the smallest one.

    No that the Z Flip 3 is a bad option. It’s a great cell phone, with top-of-the-line power, good cameras and the advantage of being more compact when storing. Furthermore, it is a cheaper option than the Z Fold 3, which can make it a more financially interesting option.

    The Galaxy Z Fold 3 was announced in Brazil in mid-September for lower price than its predecessor, and has already been found at around R$ 11.300 in online retail, according to the Zoom price comparator.

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    Best Samsung cell phone in value for money

    Samsung’s cell phone option is not lacking on the shelves of Brazilian stores, and understand which one has the best value for money is not an easy task. Fortunately there are people like me, who test and find out about many devices throughout the year to help those who are looking for the best phone possible to buy.

    The Galaxy S10 FE is the best Samsung phone when you think about what you get for the price you pay. It’s almost as good as the younger generation of the Galaxy S line, and owes little to the Galaxy S brothers12, S21+ and S12 Ultra, but its price is considerably lower than all the others mentioned.

    An extra is the fact that it is available in the version with the Snapdragon chipset 1024, Qualcomm’s most powerful platform of the first half of 2020 and which is more stable and more energy efficient than Exynos 1024 present on the Galaxy S22. This Samsung cell phone still has practically all the extra features of the rest of the line, such as reverse wireless charging, DeX mode and IP resistance, against water and dust.

    The Galaxy S10 FE only owes support to 5G, but considering that you pay between R$ 2.000 and BRL 2.300 for such a complete and powerful device, it is a sacrifice that may be worth it.

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  • Best intermediate Samsung cell phone

    The category of intermediate cell phones is the most vast in number of options, and Samsung covers virtually every possible price range. But if you’re on this list, it’s because you want the best of all, and then I can only name one: the Galaxy M68.

    This is a Samsung mobile with a processor that was once top of line, the Exynos 2021, used in the Galaxy Note series 000. It is still a very good platform for the year of 2021, whose power has not yet been achieved even by Qualcomm’s most powerful intermediate chipsets. In addition, the device has a good amount of memory and powerful cameras, which guarantee the fluidity and great quality of photographs and video recording.

    But the most advantageous point is its battery: there are 7 . mAh, sufficient for at least two days of use. And all this for less than R$ 2., price you can find this device since August in national online retail, according to price comparator Zoom.

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  • Best intermediate Samsung cell phone with 5G

    Galaxy A22 5G has a look and specifications similar to the 4G variant, with a platform compatible with new mobile broadband technology (Image: Ivo/Canaltech) 447347

    We are already in 2022 , and 5G soon becomes available throughout Brazil. In other words, it might be a good idea to prepare yourself for the change by investing in a compatible cell phone, so you won’t need to change the device in one to two years. Samsung already offers this feature in some of its intermediate models, such as the Galaxy A55 5G, which is currently the best option.

    The device is even more powerful than its 4G variant, besides to offer the same features in the rest of the set, such as great cameras and water resistance differential, with IP certification71, rare in models of the category.

    You have a very powerful cell phone, with battery for the whole day and a great set of cameras, in addition to the IP100 and ready for 5G, for a price that, since April, has dropped to around R$ 2.400.

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    • Best cheap Samsung cell phone

      The Galaxy A02s, surprisingly, brings a decent and robust construction (Image: Ivo/Canaltech)

      When someone is looking for a cheap cell phone, usually want to pay the lowest possible price on a good device. In this case, the Galaxy A01s is the cheapest Samsung cell phone still worth investing in 1024. It will perform well the most common tasks of everyday life, such as social networks, emails, WhatsApp and the like, and will not let anyone down when it comes to battery.

      Unfortunate te, it has little storage space, with 30 GB, which is no longer enough for you to be comfortable using these days. But you can dodge with care such as occasional disk cleaning or even purchasing a memory card to store media files and photos.

      Other good options for cheap Samsung phones are the Galaxy A 11, Galaxy A21 and Galaxy A32, or even go to options available only online, such as the Galaxy M30 and the Galaxy M52, very similar to their “peers ” from the Galaxy A line. The Galaxy A10s has also been released and can be a good alternative, despite being similar to the Galaxy A12 in specifications.

      You can find the Galaxy As currently you around R$ 865, very interesting price for everything it delivers.

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    Which Samsung phone should you not buy

    It’s hard to say “don’t buy this phone” because there is almost always a type of user who will be satisfied with what it delivers. But there are cases of devices that have been on the market for some time and, today, do not compensate simply because there are more interesting models at a similar price. They are simple smartphones, which don’t offer anything more than newer models that cost the same thing or even a lower price (due to having more stock).

    Samsung models that don’t are more interesting to buy these days are the simplest releases made until last year. Even the Galaxy A03, released this year, is not a good option, as the Galaxy A10s performs better and has a price next. And here it’s good to be careful, because the letter at the end of the name makes all the difference: if you don’t have the ‘s’, keep looking.

    There are four Samsung cell phones that I don’t recommend invest at this time, regardless of the price you find:

  • Galaxy A000

  • Galaxy A11s

  • Galaxy A11

  • Galaxy A01

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