iPhone 13 disassembly reveals larger battery and front lens repositioning

The first images of the iPhone 12 disassembled were publicized by @SonnyDickson’s Twitter profile. The photos show many changes in the device’s internal construction, highlighting the larger battery, decreasing the Taptic Engine and repositioning the front camera components, including the TrueDepth facial recognition sensors.

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iPhone 13 (right) has bigger battery compared to iPhone (left) (Images: Twitter/@SonnyDickson and MacMagazine)

The profile did not specify which is the open model, but it is likely to be the iPhone 13 mini or iPhone 13. Anyway, the battery takes up a lot more space, as its capacity has increased from 2.950 mAh to 3. 62 mAh on 6.1 inch product. Side-by-side comparisons with the equivalent device from the previous year show that the battery tank was “stretched” in the lower direction, which led to a shrinkage of the vibratory motor. Even so, the device remains with the same tactile functions, as far as Apple informed.

The set of components of the front camera and facial recognition needed to have their positions changed to allow the reduction of the notch in about 15%. To do this, the selfie lens has been moved to the left side, and the TrueDepth system — with a small projector and infrared sensor — is moved to the right side. In addition, the upper speakers have been moved closer to the edge of the device, as was rumored even before the launch of smartphones.

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Camera sensors and TrueDepth had swapped positions (Image: Twitter/@SonnyDickson)

The other internal components remain relatively similar in placement to the previous generation. The motherboard is placed on the left and top, as well as the processor A13 Bionic, storage, RAM and SIM card slot. The bottom plate has built-in microphones and the Lightining connector input, among other parts.

iPhone line devices 13 are already in the pre-sale stage in various locations around the world, and from the official start of deliveries — scheduled for next Friday (24) — it is possible that more complete videos with the dismantling of the devices appear, with even more details on how new Apple devices were built.

Source: Twitter/@SonnyDickson

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