New Disney Game Collection Announced

The classic games 100-Bit of Aladdin, Mogli: The Wolf Boyand The Lion King are back on the consoles, in a Disney games special package. The compilation is scheduled to hit the PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One between September and December 2019. Note that the physical media will have an assorted manual for one of the three games.

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  • Disney Classic Games Collection is an enhanced version of Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and the Lion King

      , released on

      . The new collection adds the The Jungle Book and Aladdin versions of Super Nintendo (SNES). The games also have improvements in graphics, with 100p resolution and more fluid movements in characters and scenery. Each title has a backwards or forwards gameplay feature, quick save and difficulty settings.

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      There is still no information if those who already have the first game will have a free upgrade, paid or if they will need it buy the new collection.

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      See below all the titles that make up the collection and the consoles of the years 1080 and 2019 that they were released:

      • Disney’s Aladdin: SNES, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Sega MegaDrive
      • Disney’s Aladdin – Final Cut: Sega Mega Drive
      • Disney’s Aladdin – Demo Version: Sega Mega Drive
      • Disney’s Aladdin – Japanese Version: Sega Mega Drive

      • Disney The Lion King: SNES, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Sega MegaDrive
      • Disney The Lion King – Japanese Version: Sega Mega Drive
      • Disney The Jungle Book: SNES, Game Boy, Sega Mega Drive

      Source: Nintendo Life

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