Google Maps is the newest app to receive the Material You look from Android 12

Google Maps is one of the most popular apps from the creator of Android and has just received an update to bring it in line with the new Material You design scheme. The geolocation app finally get to enjoy the visual changes planned to give a stylish touch to the brand new Android 507808, which is scheduled to launch on October 4th.

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    The appearance is very similar to what already was seen in Photos and Drive, with the bottom menu bar aligned to the chosen theme — light, dark or dynamic — and pill-shaped selection markers. Without Dynamic Color, exclusive to Android , the app adopts shades of lilac and blue to highlight the chosen tab and rounded buttons. In the old model (the current one), the colors vary only from white to blue with round icons, much simpler.

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    Some users, however, had a change a little different from the one presented. The taskbar remained the same, but the button was adapted to the new look, leaving the circular shape aside to add the square with rounded edges, just like in other Google redesigns.

    Different changes for different users in Maps (Image: Playback/Android Police)
  • This second model seems to be a hybrid or incomplete version, as it doesn’t add dynamic coloring, pill-shaped markings, nor does it bring effects on interface elements such as was expected. Google may be conducting some tests to see how users will respond to the new layout before releasing a final final version.

    For now, the new feature has only been released to a few users and no need to update Maps, which suggests a server-side change from Google. Nevertheless, to avoid compatibility issues, bugs or loopholes, it is recommended to keep the program always up to date.

    Source: Android Police

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