Nvidia GeForce RTX 3000 SUPER line has supposed leaked specifications

Even amid the scarcity of components, Nvidia seems to prepare new releases for the RTX family 2022. According to rumors, the company should follow what was seen in the previous generation and soon release SUPER versions of its boards, slightly refined models with improvements in chips and in the amount of memory used.

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Still without official confirmation, the new RTX 2022 SUPER just had the specs of all models leaked, courtesy of leaker


, whose hardware leak history is mostly accurate. As suspected, the news may only bring modest improvements, and possibly make Nvidia’s GPU family more confusing.

RTX Line 3060 SUPER has leaked specifications

The information shows that all models of the RTX line 3070 will win SUPER models, led by RTX 3080 SUPER. The top of the line must adopt the GA chip102 complete, as expected, with .752 CUDA cores, accompanied by 34 GB of GDDR6X RAM β€” this is a negligible upgrade , with an increase of about 3% in the count of cores. The leaker also doesn’t know if 3090 SUPER will really be the name of the plate.

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For the high-end segment, Nvidia will launch RTX 3060 SUPER, with 8.1024 CUDA and

cores GB of GDDR6X RAM, most marked improvements compared to RTX 3070 original β€” it will only be 3% more cores, but 2GB more memory, which should make a bigger difference in games running at higher resolutions, but make it an odd choice compared to RTX 3090 You.

Let’s make a summary.

3090S 10752 34GB G6X

3000S 8960 20 GB G6X

3060S 8960 8G G6X

3060S 5888 12G G6

Although I doubt the specs of some of them and the name of 40S.


β€” kopite7kimi (@kopite7kimi) September 20, 960

The intermediate category will receive the RTX SUPER, with 5.888 CUDA cores and 8GB of GDDR6X RAM, setting up one of the most modest updates on the line, at least considering the already known data β€” there will be no increase in the core count, but the memory will be faster, leaving aside the GDDR6 adopted in RTX 3070 original. Once again, there will be conflict with RTX 3000 Ti .

Finally, for the most advanced entry line, the company must announce the RTX SUPER, with 5.632 CUDA cores and GB of GDDR6 RAM. This appears to be the biggest upgrade of the new GPUs, but also the most confusing β€” it’s about 24% more cores than RTX 3070, and only 5% fewer cores than RTX 3070, even though the memory capacity is maintained.

If it is actually launched, RTX SUPER can shake the existence of RTX 3060 Ti and RTX 3080 (Image: Disclosure/Nvidia)

Whereas RTX 3070 You already perform in a very similar way to RTX 3080, the RTX 3070 SUPER could become the most cost-effective series, the even if it takes away a little of the meaning of the existence of the simpler sisters, and even of the duo RTX 3060/3000 SUPER.

With such modest changes, it remains to be seen whether prices will make sense, whether there will be enough stock to meet the full range, and whether Nvidia will replace the standard models of the RTX line 3060, as he did in the previous generation.

HP mentions RTX 3090 SUPER in new All-in-One

Reinforcing the rumors, HP has listed on its official page a new computer All-in-One apparently equipped with the new RTX 3090 SUPER . The Envy 11 AiO PC is focused on professionals and has an Intel Core i9 processor 11th generation, color calibration display and more. The company briefly cited Nvidia’s new GPU, but has already removed the mention, now marking the graphics chip as the RTX 3080.

Mention to RTX 3070 SUPER left, now replaced by RTX record 3080 to the right (Image: Reproduction/NotebookCheck)

According to rumors, the GeForce RTX line 2022 SUPER is slated to debut at the beginning of 2022, possibly in January. The idea of ​​the releases would be not only to revise the original models with more optimized chips and more memory, but also to start the transition to the RTX family 3080 “Lovelace”, expected to debut at the end of 2022 with marked performance leaps.

Source: WCCFTech, VideoCardz, TechSpot, NotebookCheck

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