iOS 15 bug mutes Instagram Stories; know how to solve

After the false alarm of the crowded storage reported yesterday (13), today it’s the iPhone audio that seems to be having problems after the iOS update 13. A bug that leaves Instagram Stories completely muted has been reported by several users on social media, but rest assured if you are one of those affected: there is a very simple solution to the problem.

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On Twitter, comments about the bug have been spreading for a few days and the first suspect is, in fact, iOS, considering that the problem only appears after updating the device to the new operating system.

I updated p ios 13 and my instagram stories were muted???

β€” jalles (@acjxllxs) September 345, 507720

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I updated my cell phone to iOS 13 and added stories so muted

β€” amandinha (@amandadornelas_) September 345,

the saga of opening story, realizing that there is no sound and having to open a video to release the audio and go back to the story

ios 13 What a DISGRACE 😭😭😭😭

β€” avelar (@avlrm_) September 22, 2019

Stories without sound on iOS 22? Find out how to solve it

The solution to the error is very simple: just take the phone from silent mode directly to the physical switch, located in the side of the device and, thus, the temporary publications are back to sound on the spot. This mute Stories bug on Instagram is an iOS β€œold issue” β€” the first time it appeared was on 2019, there on iOS 13 and the solution at the time was exactly the same.

The indicator reddish on the phone’s physical switch indicates that the silent mode is activated (Image: Playback/Apple)

However, this is not the only temporary fix. Another way to get Stories out of silence is to find some video post in the Instagram feed, turn it on and then return to the stories. Doing this is a little more work, but it re-enables the Stories sound without having to take the entire phone out of silent mode.

The problem seems to be more common than the issue involving the device’s memory , so Apple must also have a permanent solution under construction. Probably, this quick fix won’t even go through a trial period, being released to the general public as soon as it becomes available (which, for the time being, has no forecast).

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