The new generation that has the power to make it happen

Smartphones are at the center of our lives and have become an extension of our hands. They concentrate our most important information, connect us to those we love, are tools to work with, and are with us for hours of our day as faithful companions on a fully connected planet.

But what is behind our inseparable gadgets? Technological advancement has enabled us to have increasingly robust device offerings in terms of technical specifications. Today, a single device in the palm of your hand can have a camera as good as professional equipment, a processor more powerful than certain computers, and screen definition comparable to high-resolution TVs. In addition, internet networks are getting faster and a promise of great revolution is imminent with the consolidation of 5G technology.

And it was precisely technology that empowered people to be agents of change and is an important ally in the changes we see happening in the world. Today we have the chance to do practically everything via smartphone: work, study, read books, create content. The options are endless.

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Life is movement, and new technologies allow us to connect with people who share the same values ​​and purposes as ours. Together, we catalyze the transformation of individuals. We have the power to make it happen. The new generation more than ever can envision a better future through the intelligent use of emerging innovations. Create massive legacies and public messages. Encourage movement, pass the microphone to those who have the ownership of speech, amplify voices, create, co-create and, above all, share knowledge and experiences.

Technological advancement has enabled us to have increasingly robust device offerings in terms of technical specifications (Image: Envato /olly)is

The challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic since 2020 were many, but they also ended up revealing thousands of talented and powerful people in the sense of exploring new ways to change the world, respecting individuality. At Motorola, we believe that the smartphone is a faithful supporter, being a fundamental instrument for the formation and amplification of voices, enabling new knowledge, entertainment, connections so that people can really make a difference in the world.

With that in mind, we launched the Power to Empower global platform, which we tropicalized for the Brazilian public with the motto “Power to those who make it happen”. Our goal is to create a fluid and natural dialogue with the community, transparently, truthfully and encouraging people to achieve what they are looking for.

After all, people want to live and express themselves according to their purposes and impact the surrounding community or even large audiences, without a defined age, gender or ethnicity standard. Power is increasingly in the hands of people who create and transform their reality. We are giants without recognition of our size. It’s all here. In the palm of our hands. It’s up to us to grab it or not.

Therefore, I invite you to be a revolutionary. Investigate, question, study, listen. Use your smartphone to transform YOUR world to a purpose. After all, “more important than telling a story is making history”.

So, let’s start?

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