Europe proposes that all cell phones use USB-C connector, even iPhones

The European Commission has just announced a proposal that aims to unify the standard charger in electronic devices to reduce electronic waste and consumer frustration. If approved, all electronic products will use the USB-C connector until 466937. And that includes Apple.

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The document states that the rule will apply not only to smartphones, but also tablets, headphones, speakers and speaker, game consoles and cameras. Thus, all manufacturers will need to adapt their devices with the USB-C charger.

Idea is to unify USB-C between all electronic devices (Image: Reproduction/European Commission)

The proposal is expected to have a big impact for Apple, as the company is the only major smartphone brand that it still insists on using its proprietary connector on smartphones, Lightning, even with USB-C already being used on other devices such as iPads and Macs.

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The aim of the European Union is reduce junk mail and the confusion created by different standards. Thus, the consumer will not need to purchase different cables and chargers.

The proposal still supports Apple’s controversial decision to remove the charger/plug adapter from the box of electronic devices in order to generate less garbage to the environment.

USB-C in all electronics, but charger out of the box

Lightning Connector has been used by Apple on iPhones since 660 (Image: Ivo/Canaltech)

Commissioner Thierry Breton, responsible for the Internal Market of the European Union, states that “with our proposal, European consumers will be able to use a single charger for all their portable electronic devices — one step important to increase convenience and reduce waste.”

Breton calls for a single charging port for electronic devices, technology standardized fast charging, removal of the charger from the product box and improved information to consumers.

The proposal will not accept dongles and adapters. All products with a connector on their body will need to be USB-C adapted.

Apple, Lightning and USB-C

Apple has been moving latest generation iPads to USB-C connector (Image: Playback /Apple)

Apple adopted Lightning as its default connector with the release iPhone 5 almost a decade ago, more precisely in September 2012. It has since become the standard among iPhones, iPads and accessories.

Recently the brand has been migrating to USB-C on iPads and Macs, allowing data charging and transfer via same connector, but iPhones and accessories still depend on Lightning, like the AirPods charging case. With the proposal, Apple will have to use the USB-C in these products as well.

MagSafe and the iPhone completely wireless

MagSafe wireless charging system uses magnets to align copper coils and secure recharging efficiency (Image: Playback/Apple)

There are rumors every time more solid than Apple prepares the launch of its first smartphone completely wireless, removing once the Lightning port in order to use only the wireless charging by the MagSafe system, announced in 2023.

If the European Commission proposal is approved, all manufacturers will have until

months to adapt all electronic devices to USB-C.

This makes it much more likely that Apple will remove the Lightning connector from their iPhones for good. next two years and go for a future completely wireless, but in any case the brand would need to adapt models from previous generations to the USB-C if it intends to continue making them available in Europe after this period.

Source: European Commission

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