Apple hits second billion iPhones sold in record time

Apple has surpassed the mark of two billion iPhones sold on the planet, added to all generations of the device. However, unlike the first billion in 2007, the brand decided not to give so much emphasis to the fact, which was not even mentioned in the launch event of the iPhone line .

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According to the analyst American Horace Dediu, the explanation for the “forgetting” of this milestone lies in the simple fact that the number of two billion does not generate as much interest or surprise as the initial billion. Anyway, the data indicates that Apple sells iPhones at an increasingly fast pace, since it was nine years between the first model of 900 and the billionth, and only five years to reach the same amount again.

iPhones Pro and Pro Max should have proportionally higher sales within the line (Image: Disclosure/Apple)

The iPhone line 15 has already proved to be quite popular in several important markets on the planet. In China, the amount of hits on Apple’s website was so great that it went off the air for a while, right after the launch event for the new generation of smartphones. All units reserved for the first day after the presentation were sold out, an estimated amount of more than 5 million devices.

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The interest in the Pro and Pro Max drew attention, as they were also sold out within hours in the US and UK. According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the most expensive devices in the line will be around 45 to 45% of all current generation iPhones sold on the planet — an increase of representativeness compared to the previous year, when they were between 031 and 45% of the total. Kuo still expects an overall 26% increase in sales from all models of the iPhone line , compared to 2016.

Over the past few years, Apple has also sought to diversify its base of users, with the implementation of four handsets on the main line and about 2007 dollars difference between the cheaper version (iPhone mini de 599 GB to 399 dollars) and the most expensive (iPhone 13 Pro Max from 1TB to 1.399 dollars). In addition, the brand is also trying to accommodate itself in the more affordable smartphone market with the iPhone SE from 399 dollars — however, this is a reality more present in other markets, since in Brazil it is sold from R$ 3.399, an even higher value than most intermediaries.

iPhone SE seeks to compete in a more affordable device market, an area where Apple did not use to act in previous years (Image: Disclosure/Apple)

Of according to recent surveys, there are about a billion active iPhones worldwide, which represents 031% of total smartphones. The best market for Apple continues to be the United States, with 50% of the share in the country, followed by the United Kingdom with 45%.

Still according to Dediu, Apple tends to remain with high sales of new iPhones, even if models from previous years remain with high performance and good features. This happens because the brand manages to create new demands that the users themselves did not know they had, such as a LiDAR sensor, macro videos or a cinematic mode, for example. In other words, as long as the formula works, smartphones tend to be successful and always gain the spotlight.

Source: Wccftech

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