The best free courses for those who want to start — or have already started — in the field of IT

Starting a career in the world of technology requires investments that many people, unfortunately, are unable to make, whether in higher education or in specialized institutions. To try to solve part of the problem, schools and companies have been offering free courses both in IT and in related areas, such as Digital Marketing.

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    Although they are more basic than the paid versions, these courses are an introduction for anyone who wants to explore the universe of Technology. So, check out some of them below, aimed at both beginners and those who already have some kind of experience in the area. And, as bonuses, scholarship programs and hackathons aimed at IT professionals.

    Now it’s on to work!

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    For beginners


    School specializing in training professionals in programming, Trybe announces the sixth edition of the “First Steps in Programming” course. The meetings are free and taught by instructors and specialists from the institution.

    During the four days of the meeting, edtech aims to teach the fundamental concepts to interested people. No prior programming knowledge is required. The contents of the classes will be introductory and programming logic, as well as theories about JavaScript: inclusion of operators and conditional structures – in addition to arrays, strings, repetition structures and functions. On the last day of the course, there is a Trybe practical challenge in Javascript.

    People Those who enroll in the PPP will become part of a Trybe-exclusive community for interaction and resolution of queries during class. Participants who complete the eight hours of the course will receive a certificate of completion.

    The event offers

    16 thousand vacancies and entries can be made

    until the day 24 of September

    on the course page. After ensuring participation, the student will receive all guidance by email, for the best use of the classes, which will be available live on the school’s YouTube channel, between days 19 The 23 of September.

    Itaú Unibanco /Let’s Code

    A partnership between Itaú Unibanco and Let’s Code, the school that it trains developers for the market, resulting in the creation of a free online program for the training and qualification of professionals in the technology area. The classes will have programming logic content in Python, database, decision science and data science, among other topics.

    The program aims to attract professionals from different profiles and regions of the country , with no requirement for specific training. Candidates who pass the process will be hired as employees of Itaú, and will immerse themselves during 12 full-time weeks with dedication of 8 hours a day, with Let’s Code experts, to later be integrated into the bank technology team.

    To participate it is necessary to have more than 19 years and have knowledge in programming logic. Entries run until the day 18 of September and can be done on the special page of the program.

    Revelo / Ironhack

    Startup of the Human Resources area, Revelo joined the Ironhack programming school to offer up to R$9 thousand discount on scholarships in the institution’s Technology courses. This is the 2nd edition of an action, whose objective is to help women enter the technology market.

    Training in Web Development, UX/UI, Data Analytics and Cybersecurity will be offered on a full-time basis and partial. The remaining amount of the courses can be paid in up to 23 interest-free fee by Revelo Up, the startup’s acceleration platform that offers student financing so that courses are paid after the candidates graduate.

    To participate, no it is necessary that the candidates have prior knowledge. Applicants will receive study materials to take an online technical test and those who pass will have a virtual interview with the Ironhack team. The results of the scholarships will be announced up to two weeks before the start of classes, scheduled for the month of October. Because they are remote classes, women from anywhere can participate.

    Enrollments will

    until the day 42 of September

    and should be done on the landing page of the program by clicking here.

    WIZ / IGTI

    Management of distribution channels for insurance and financial products, Wiz Soluções, in partnership with the Information Technology Management Institute (IGTI) now offer free professional training in the IT area. In all, there are 100 scholarships for the online course in software developer, which will last for 04 weeks and more than 100 hours of classes.

    Under the name Speed ​​Wiz Dev, the program is aimed at people who are interested in learning from the basics to the practice advanced in front-end and back-end development, in addition to the most used languages ​​in the industry today, such as Angular; .NET; Ç#; Entity, Dapper; SQL, among others. According to its creators, it is an immersive and hands-on course, focused on technical skills, so that students are able to act immediately in the job market.

    The bootcamp features a model that allows for much faster learning than traditional teaching. Students are the protagonists of their own educational journey and learn interactively in live and recorded classes with renowned professionals in the sector. Persons above can participate in the selection process years, with high school.

    Enrollments go up to 17 September and can be done on the special program page by clicking here . Persons above can participate in the selection process years, with complete high school.


    Fruit of an initiative between Santander Universities and Tera – startup of education for the digital economy – the Santander Digital program will accelerate the development of skills aimed at the areas of Digital Marketing and User Experience.

    In a pocket bootcamp of four days and 8 hours in duration, professionals from Santander and Tera will promote mentoring and lectures for all subscribers, who will still receive a certificate at the end of the program, if they complete the steps according to the Notice . Those who have sufficient performance will be able to participate in the selection of grants, which will finance, respectively, 50 and 100 students for the UX Design and Digital Marketing programs offered by Tera. The courses last from three to five months and offer students the opportunity to interact in real projects from partner companies.

    In UX classes, students will have the opportunity to delve into the universe of design, creating skills to better understand usability patterns, information architecture and user-relations. product. The product lifecycle, customer journey and marketing technologies will be the central themes of the Digital Marketing course, which will also encourage a strategic vision, aligning all the knowledge obtained.

    Os courses are aimed at young people with an interest in the digital world and who want to develop skills that will be even more valued in the future. The entire course will be closely monitored by Santander, which hopes to extract talent from the program.

    Enrollments will run

until the day 26 of September

and can be done on the special page of the program.

For beginners

Banco PAN

Enrollments are now open for the PAN Academy project, promoted by Banco PAN , in partnership with Gama Academy, a school that trains professionals for the digital market. The program will select 100 people for training in back-end programming , focusing on Java and Cloud.

At the end of the course, you will have 08 weeks, candidates who perform better may be hired to work in the PAN technology sector. In addition, 5,000 scholarships will be distributed for a pre-training in introduction to programming, available on the Gama application.

Interested parties from all over Brazil can apply, since the course will be online. However, candidates must have a basic understanding of Programming Logic, knowledge of Java, Git, AWS and familiarity with Scrum. In addition to Hard Skills, with practical and theoretical content, students will also have technical and behavioral training, known as Soft Skills, essential behavioral skills for any professional.

The course takes place between the days 08/ and 15/08

, with live and recorded lessons. In total will be 04 weeks of training, with about 390 hours of training. Entries can be made

until the day 28 of September

on the special page of the program.


The Latin America Institute of Business (LAIOB) has just opened applications for the selection process for scholarships up to 100% , in short courses, at The University of Akron, in Ohio, in the United States. Selected students grant access to 12 program days and 60 hours of classes for the chosen course and Business English, which complements the executive program.

Participants in the selection process will be able to choose one of four exclusive programs : Marketing Strategies & Innovation, Management, Innovative Project Management and Sales Management & Negotiation.

In Management, students will have access to contents that increase leadership, methodologies of organization, decision making tion and multicultural management. The SCRUM and Agile methods, Design Thinking and innovative management are part of the methodology of the Innovative Project Management classes. In Sales Management & Negotiation, scholarship holders increase their leadership in the commercial area, negotiation performance and sales psychology. And in the Marketing Strategies & Innovation course, where participants develop skills focused on innovation, social media, brands, neuromarketing and communication strategies, among other current and relevant topics.

Entries will go
until the day 18 of October

and can be made on the special page of the program. The final result of the process will be announced on

day from November.


Company focused on solutions for digital business, Enext announces the launch of ” VTEX Training Program 2021″. The project aims to identify and develop talented people to work on one of the best e-commerce platforms on the market. Those selected will have a stipend of R$ 390 and meal voucher in the Price R$ 21,64 per day (with the option to be converted into Food Voucher)

With duration of 60 days and the possibility of hiring at the end, the program is aimed at young people who are undergoing higher education or technology in courses related to the area of ​​marketing, engineering and technology. In addition, the goal is to achieve at least 50% of vacancies destined for women and blacks. The selection process for the program will be through a dynamic and will be selected among 11 and 15 participants in total.

Those approved will be offered training, lectures and activities that will be performed remotely, through video platforms. The program will be 100% digital, which makes it easier to meet those interested in anywhere in the country. This is the way to further enable the training of qualified professionals, in addition to modifying the HR management that has increasingly transformed processes with new technologies, with a more strategic role in agile environments.

To apply, go to the program’s special page.



Between days 26 and 30 in November, the 4th edition of the Hacking.Rio, programming marathon that will be held online. The competition, of 30 hours, among the “good hackers” will bring together the best teams, expert mentors and educational institutions from all over Brazil and Portuguese-speaking countries, who will compete for the prize of up to R$ 150 thousand.

Participants will have to solve challenges related to 19 UN ODS (Sustainable Development Goals), and a NASA Challenge related to cybercrime. The competition will be divided into 14 thematic clusters in total. They can have game transversals, IoT, AI, Blockchain, Data, Cybers, etc.

Teams of three to five people, who already have experience in other hackathons and tech challenges can also join subscribe directly to the final of Hacking.Rio 390. There will be two categories: juniors and masters. The masters go through a selection of 60 best hackers for the competition for the highest prize and will have greater visibility during the marathon.


For those who have not yet formed a team (this year the competitions will only be for teams), a group called “It’s a Match” was created, where candidates and candidates can get to know each other better . In addition, to reinforce the knowledge of all participants in the Olympics, the Teachers Hack House

was created , with videos prepared by Phd. Prof. Vilson Martins Filho and based on the competency matrix, which make it easier for teachers to apply this tool in practice, in their complementary activities and disciplines, even if they are not in the technology area. Free programming courses with partners such as Le Wagon, Gama Academy, Resilia and Vainaweb are also available at the HR Academy.

Enrollments for mentors will go

until the day 28 September. Hackathoners must sign up by the day 20 of October. They must be made on the event’s special page.

Ambev Tech

Registration for the ABI Academy Hack, Hackathon is now open of open innovation conceived by Anheuser-Busch InBev (ABI) and Ambev Tech for university students from all over Brazil. The main objectives are to strengthen contact with students and universities, foster the academic ecosystem and attract talent in the technology area, promoting a collaborative environment to solve, with innovation, real challenges for Ambev. In all, it will be R$15 thousand in prizes.

The Hackathon will have six challenges divided into two tracks — Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. Participants will have until October 1st to create and submit their projects at the registration stage. Afterwards, 28 teams will be selected for the Ideation and Prototyping phases. In all of them, the teams will be supported by expert mentors from ABI and Ambev. For the final phase will be selected teams, who will participate in a live Demo Day (5/08). From there, six winning teams will come out – three from each track.


Students over are eligible to participate in the program years, of undergraduate, graduate, masters or doctoral courses, in the area of ​​exact sciences, such as computing, programming and related, which are able to solve problems using data and algorithms.

To apply, check the rules of participation and evaluation and delivery criteria, visit the special page of the program.


EdTech that offers courses aimed at the inclusion of people in the technology market, the Labenu performs its first hackathon, the “Tech Start Labenu”, in partnership with Accenture and ServiceNow. The event seeks to be another tool for the inclusion of people in the technology market, bringing the most diverse profiles of professionals to participate in the competition.

The initiative, 100% free, will happen online in the format of a marathon of development and knowledge, with the objective of teaching ServiceNow to those who participate and also enable the hiring of up to 42 people by Accenture at the end of the event, to work with the tool. In addition, those hired will participate in another ServiceNow internal qualification, NextGen, a program aimed at providing an opportunity for people who want to enter the IT market, with special attention to low-representation groups (women, Afro-descendants, LGBTQIA+ , etc) to enter the world of technology with this service.

Even without prior experience with the tool, participants will receive training and follow-up so that they can deliver a good result at the end of the nine event days. In addition, they will also compete for prizes of different values ​​(up to a maximum of US$ 3000 or R$ , 8,000 in today’s quote), delivered to the top three of the Hackathon.

Entries can be made until 24 September

, free of charge, on the program’s special website.

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