Death Stranding Director's Cut: is it worth it?

Upon finishing Death Stranding for the first time, I was determined that I would not return to the game, not even to finish the missions that remain after the conclusion of the story. Don’t get me wrong, I liked Hideo Kojima’s latest creation. There is a certain genius behind the Social Strand System, a new genre created by the Japanese designer whose main objective is to connect players with gameplay mechanics. The story is full of endearing characters and the relationship between Sam Porter Bridges and BB held my attention from beginning to end.

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  • Despite the positive balance, playing Death Stranding was a very tiring experience. The game doesn’t want the delivery of dozens of packages to be easy, and that’s okay, because it’s part of the proposal to put the player in the shoes of the protagonist, who is on a mission that seems impossible. But what wore me the most were the matches, which I consider truncated and frustrating, especially in the confrontations against giant EPs.

      But here I am, more than a year after this last contact with the game, in Sam’s shoes again. I’m back to try out the new features of Death Stranding Director’s Cut, the definitive version of the game that arrives this Friday (24) for PlayStation 5. It turns out that at the end of After all, I realized that I was missing this apocalyptic world.

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    • Importing the save from PS4 to PS5

      Ironically, my return to Death Stranding started with obstacles. Those who wish to continue from the moment they stopped their journey in the PS4 version will have the mission to transfer progress between generations — something that, in my case, was not practical at all.

      To import your game progress from PS4 to Director’s Cut on PS5, you need to be connected to the internet to open Death Stranding

      on the last generation console. Once that is done, there will be an option in the menu, under System, to export the save, which will be sent to the cloud. After that, you’ll be able to open the definitive edition of the game on the PS5 and, right on the splash screen, you’ll be given the option to load a PlayStation 4 game, which will transfer your progress to the PlayStation 5 version.

Sam is ready to carry more loads (and people) around. (Screenshot: Bruna Penilhas/Canaltech)

If you have your PS4 and a copy of Death Stranding in hand, this process won’t be that complicated, but it will take a few minutes of your time. your time. The problem, in my case, is that my PlayStation 4 was no longer with me, and I didn’t even have a copy of the original game, as I borrowed it from a friend when I played it.

The only solution to not having to start all over again was to have the help of my teammate, Felipe Demartini, who took his PS4 out of the box, installed Death Stranding again, logged into my account and did the entire process of uploading my save to the cloud (thanks Dema!).

The PS5 benefits in Death Stranding

Even with the imported progress, which I took advantage of to play most of the new features from Director’s Cut, I also decided to create a new save to check the new version from the beginning.

Right in the initial cutscene, you can already feel the DualSense features in action. The definitive edition of Death Stranding takes advantage of the PS5 controller to send vibrations to players’ hands that simulate the terrain being traversed by the protagonist. In the scenes, DualSense also responds to some actions of the character, such as unzipping the clothes.

In gameplay, it is possible to feel the differences between vibrations when you are crossing a river, walking on sand or on rocky terrain. The controller still reacts when Sam stumbles and also emits vibrations that pulsate according to the protagonist’s walking pace. DualSense’s adaptive triggers are also used in the weapon’s firing commands, similar to what happens in Resident Evil 8, for example.

Of course, these aren’t features that will change the overall experience significantly, but they are very welcome details for those who, like me, enjoy DualSense’s features. When put to good use, the technology can enhance the player’s immersion, which is what happens in Death Stranding Director’s Cut.

The benefits of PlayStation 5 don’t stop there. The game’s look is adapted for the new generation, with more detailed scenarios and a balanced performance. Let’s face it, the game was already pretty good on the PlayStation 4, but the power of the current console delivers gameplay practically without chokes.

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The relationship between Sam and BB is one of the best parts of Death Stranding. (Image: Disclosure/Sony Interactive Entertainment)

You can choose between two graphics modes: Performance, with 4K upscaling and even 50 frames per second (FPS); and Fidelidade, with native 4K and FPS below 50. Players can also activate Widescreen mode, which uses the normal console display of 21:9 to show a gameplay equivalent to a display 21: 9.

As expected, SSD usage reflects faster loading screens. At one point, I had to go back to the most recent save, which took less than five seconds to load. Only the first game loading takes a little longer.

What’s new from Director’s Cut

In addition to taking advantage of PlayStation 5 features to optimize gameplay, Death Stranding Director’s Cut also brings new gameplay . Kojima Productions claims that all these additions were built from scratch, after the release of the first version of the game.

For those who will start a new journey in Director’s Cut, this new content will be unlocked bit by bit as you progress through the story. For those who have transferred an advanced or endgame save, it will be necessary to visit some distribution centers or open messages in the menu to get access to the news.

In my imported progress, in which several regions already had the chiral network active, it didn’t take me long to find the jump ramp, a new construction that facilitates access in places that have wide cracks in the ground, for example. In this first encounter, I couldn’t perform a proper jump, even after seven attempts, probably because the structure was incorrectly positioned.

To use the ramp, Sam needs to be on a motorcycle or tricycle, and you must pick up speed in order to get the necessary momentum to reach the desired side. In the air, players can still perform aerial tricks while controlling the protagonist. When well positioned, the ramps will certainly make your life easier and add a little speed to locomotion.

Another unique structure is the chiral bridge, which serves to connect sections that the normal bridge is not able to reach. There’s also the catapult, which can be used to deliver loads into more complicated areas and save Sam a hike or climb. Once built, you can place the packages in the build pod and activate it. The catapult reaches moderately distant regions, and you’ll have to control the pod with the charge remotely. Don’t forget to open the parachute before the package hits the ground.

The chiral bridge is one of the new features in the game, but structure disappears in the rain. (Screenshot: Bruna Penilhas/Canaltech)

Then I went to get my hands on my favorite addition: the robot friend. Once you get this new companion, you can send him to deliver a load to the selected destination or leave him to follow Sam. In the latter case, it is possible to put a huge amount of charge on the friendly robot, either to lighten Sam’s weight or to pick up multiple orders at the same time.

You can still use the friendly robot to carry Sam to the nearest terminal or active delivery point. There is only one important detail: the metal companion only works within the chiral network, which means that it will only be more useful from the middle of the game onwards, when Sam has included a fair amount of areas in the UCA network.

The friendly robot limitation is necessary in order not to unbalance the experience of Death Stranding

    . Imagine if it was possible to deliver most of the orders with him? The game would lose its fun. However, the new feature is excellent for advancing progress and a real hand on the wheel for players who want to make as many deliveries as possible.

    If you are in the endgame and want to finish with the backlog quickly, count on the robot friend. I had a secondary package to deliver to the Elder and, remembering all the hardship I went through to get there for the first time, it didn’t take me long to activate the help of the robotic companion, who took me to the top of the mountain without difficulty.

    Thank you robot friend, you are a friend. (Screenshot: Bruna Penilhas/Canaltech)

    The support skeleton is another novelty from Director’s Cut that makes life easier for everyone. The feature has a long battery life and can be used to reduce the weight of heavy loads, in addition to improving Sam’s movement speed and preventing the protagonist from slowing down when he has a lot of orders on his back. This skeleton made my trek through the snowy regions much less irritating.

    The Fragile Jump, which was already available in the original game, is

    Death Stranding. In the new edition, the mechanics have been expanded and now allow players to easily access distribution centers, shelters and terminals that are connected to the chiral network. In this way, I started using the option much more often than in the original experience to avoid the fatigue of going down the same path over and over again.

    In episode 3 of Death Stranding, players will be able to find one of the biggest news from Director’s Cut: the Fragile Circuit, which brings a selection of race tracks into the game world. You can use four-wheeled vehicles or motorcycles, and choose from a variety of circuits to test.

    How about taking a break from deliveries to run on the Fragile Circuit? (Screenshot: Bruna Penilhas/Canaltech)

    I confess that it took me a while to get the hang of the controls. Before that, I had difficulties to drift in the tightest corners (the tracks are very narrow, by the way). There is a timer showing the total time of the circuit and the time of each lap. In the second round, a ghost of Sam will appear to reproduce the path you took in the previous round.

    Although you can’t take this mode too seriously, the Fragile Circuit can be a good pastime for racing game enthusiasts — which is not my case, so I didn’t feel too urged to return to mode at another time. Featured from Death Stranding Director’s Cut, which includes a new area called the Destroyed Factory, with all-new missions that highlight a new story. Right at the beginning of this step, you’ll gain access to the new Maser weapon, which immobilizes human opponents with an electric shot.

    Among the non-lethal weapons available in the game, the Maser definitely is the most practical of all. It doesn’t require the same precision as pistols and rifles, for example, and is much more pleasant to control than the bola. With a continuous electrical discharge, you can temporarily incapacitate enemies and immobilize vehicles. The effect will be enhanced if opponents are near water, causing a lot of damage with little effort.

    The Maser weapon is a powerful addition to Sam’s arsenal. (Screenshot: Bruna Penilhas/Canaltech)

    Still talking about combat, now players will be able to train their skills in the new training area, available from any terminal in the game. Inside it, you can choose a weapon and test it against fixed targets or MULES.

    Finally, to end the wave of new content, Director’s Cut adds customization options for BB’s pod and Sam’s backpack and accessories. You can choose a new color for these items in the room.

    Who should play Death Stranding Director’s Cut?

    There is no doubt that this is the best version for those who want to play Death Stranding for the first time . In addition to being more visually beautiful, the game in the Director’s Cut edition brings additions that will make life easier for players as they progress. It’s fair that the news is not available immediately, in order to maintain the learning curve proposed by the game and encourage players to explore without the aid of resources at times. If you’re interested in trying Death Stranding, now is the time.

    At the same time, it’s worth noting that the exclusive content Director’s Cut is not impactful enough to significantly change the entire journey of Sam Porter Brigdes. You will probably still go through some suffocating moments before you can expand the chiral network and gain access to certain equipment, but that is exactly the essence of Death Stranding

      . These additions are just an extra little push.

        Who needs a motorcycle when there is a friendly robot? (Screenshot: Bruna Penilhas/Canaltech)

        On the other hand, the Destroyed Factory brings missions focused on stealth (did you miss Metal Gear, Kojima?) and a narrative excerpt unpublished, which may intrigue fans who enjoyed the main story. It was enough to keep my attention to the game once again.

        The new version is also a good opportunity for those who played the game on PS4 and just want to finish the backlog, once that the catapult and the robot friend are very useful for those who already have the expanded chiral network. If you are one of those who really enjoyed the original experience and would like to play again on PS5, you will hardly regret it.

        Death Values Stranding Director’s Cut

        The standard version of Death Stranding Director’s Cut is available from PlayStation Store for R$ 99, 50 , same price as the original PS4 version.

        The most expensive edition of Director’s Cut costs R$ 1024,90 and includes, in addition to the complete game: art book and soundtrack digital; new costume colors, gloves and capsule options for BB; new patches for Sam’s backpack; and a set of avatars.

        If you want to upgrade for free between generations, you will need to pay R$ 50,.

        507541 Contents of the deluxe digital edition of Death Stranding: Director’s Cut (Image: Press Release/Sony Interactive Entertainment)

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